A monthly programme was organized at Kamdhenu Godham as a part of sensitizing the public on the issues of cow protection and Gaushala Development and arranged yagna followed by special talk on self reliance of the Gaushalas in the Country. Shri Suresh Bhatt, State Co-ordianator of BJP, Haryana said that the technological advances in the Country has ruined the natural system of our living style and food production which has affected the entire ecosystem, environment and economics of the society. There is a great need to prevent it by social movement and public movement.

Shri Suresh Bhatt said that Kamdhenu Godham is an ideal institution of cow protection and goshala development in the country which may inspire other gaushalas to preserve the desi breeds, prepare the panchgavya medicines and generate the funds to make the gaushala sustainable. There was a time when our farming system was cow based and our life style was associated with the nature and natural system and now the scenario has been quite opposite. He said that if any experiment and innovative techniques for advancement of Gaushala is developed at Kamadhenu Godham, will be used by the other gaushalas in the country.

Shri ManiramMangla, Chairman of Go Seva Ayog, Haryana appreciated the activities going on at the Kamdhenu Godham is an inspiration to the Gaushalas working in remote areas and needs facilities to continued the Gauseva service. He said that the Haryana Go Seva Ayog given 90% subsidy for setting up any developmental facilities to generate the fund at the Gaushala. He said that Rs.1.00 lakh will be granted to the Gaushalas if they will care and manage the heifers (female calves). He has appreciated the vital contribution of the Shri S.P.Gupta, IAS (Retd.), Hon’ble Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India that during the past four months he has done commendable work in the Board towards making the Gaushala institutions self reliant.

Shri Deepak Vasudev, Advisor, Indo-Japan companies stated that Gaushala culture is our religion and civilization because without involvement of the cows and bullocks our farming system cannot be sustainable and viable. Today all the environmental crisis is only problem because of natural system has been vanished and the people are affected badly. Gaushala culture is only way to solve the problem. Dr. Kamal Taori, IAS (Retd.) stated that Indian Gaushala has incredible role for eco friendly farming and food production which is requirement of the day. The Government has to encourage such activities at grass root level.

Smt. Sashi Gupta, President of the Kamdhenu has thanked to all the dignitaries and participants with request that the people has to take care of environmental pollution which occur during the day today activities use of polythene bags and which is completely indegradable and polluting the environment. She said that most affected living creature is govansh by consuming it which later stage become very dangerous for their health. She emphazised on the disposal of yagna materials which pollute the rivers. Hence, as a remedy it has to be disposed off at the Goshala premises or through any of the five elements.

The programme was convened by Dr. Kamal taori, IAS (Retd.), Secretary of the Rural Development of the Govt. of India, Shri Abhay Srivastav, Professor, HIPA, Shri Sunil Jindal, Taura, Shri Desh Raj Goyal, Faridabad, Shri Ashok Goyal, Taura, Shri Mahendra Pal Gautam, Gurugram, Shri Kisan Kumar, Panipat, Shri Yogesh Parasar and Arun from Bawana Delhi and Shri Kailash Mangal from Faridabad. The programme was also participated by various AWOs, Gaushalas, animal lovers, animal welfare activits and others.