Google News Initiative held Webinar on Fake News and fact verification

(Report by S.S.Dogra)

29 Dec.,2021:New Delhi: In the Digital Era, where on one hand it has become very easy for the media to collect news and information, on the other hand many challenges have also become necessity to check out the authenticity or credibility of any news, photos and videos.

On this sensitive issue, Google News Initiative, organized a webinar specially for the students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department of FIMT College’s to “Detect Fake News”. Speaker Mr. Nimish Kapoor-Volunteer of the above cited initiative amazed to share that till date, no tool has yet been developed to test the originality of the voice. He further added that under GNI-Intro the following tools like Google Scholar-Search Engine, Photo Verification-Reverse Image Search, Snipping Tool, YouTube Data Viewer, Fake Video News Debunker by Invid, Watch Frame by Frame, Jeffrey Image Metadata Viewer etc. are very helping to know the authenticity which is very important for video / TV journalists today. This useful webinar concluded with the vote of thanks by Assistant Professor Garima Bora, Head of Journalism and Mass Communication, FIMT College.

S.S.Dogra-is an Asst. Prof. in Journalism and Mass Communication, FIMT College, New Delhi