Heartiest Congratulations and kudos to all the Class X students – JM International School

Congratulations for yet another consecutive year of stupendous CBSE results at JMIS that’s amazing! 


It is the celebration time for the entire JMIS-community which includes students, teachers and parents…..all. For us, the purpose of education is to build up the children in a holistic manner, so that they acquire an all round personality, developed in all aspects – mind, body, heart and will – power. We have been trying to develop the potential of our students along this vision. This time our CBSE results like the past years have been the best in league. The achievements made by our students have been amazing. About 28% of students got highest CGPA 10, 34% got CGPA 9-10, 12% got CGPA 8-9 and remaining got 7-8 CGPA. Kanica Goel, Nikhil Mishra, Divya Patniak, Gagan Gupta, Devangi Jain, Ashutosh Shukla, Simran and Vignesh Sivan have made their alma – mater proud with their academic excellence.

One would really want to know ‘The Real Life Learning’ JMIS talks about. It is a very different kind of approach!
We are setting children up for their future and we think that the learning should be for the life, not for the marks alone. The surge should be for overall excellence, not for mere numbers and grades. Our school is known for our approach and work around ‘Real life learning’. We believe that students need to see the connections across the curriculum through meaningful and purposeful learning experiences. Having drawn on their past we prepare them for the future in a global world. Through our innovative teaching methods, interactive sessions, audio-visual modules, workshops, seminars, counseling, hand-on-activities, emphasis on life-long learning, we engage our students in quality learning journeys and give them opportunities to use their deeper understanding and knowledge to ‘be the difference’ in their lives and lives of others.

What kind of specialized teaching-learning brings out such academic excellence in children.
As far as the specialized teaching-learning at JMIS is concerned, I would say it comes from the Specialized Facilitators, content, teaching methodology and the motivated Learners. Skilled facilitators are the pillars of our institutions. School invests a lot in selecting developing and empowering these facilitators. The training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences in school and outside are one of the integral features which result into such a strong foundation to out teaching-learning programme. We have been further enriching the teaching-learning process for our teachers and students through the regular guest lectures by a panel of subject

Experts, motivational talks and ‘inspire – time’. We also give opportunity to our children to share their views in the ‘open-house’ and ‘circle time’. These are some of the most dynamic features of our progressive curriculum.

What should be the direction for school students in 21st Century
Our school direction is heavily influenced by JMIS vision of seeing young people creative, energetic and enterprising. Bringing to them new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic and environmental future for our country – students who are confident, connected and actively involved in lifelong learning.

What should be the most important aspect of Academic learning
It is the concept, ability to think, analyze and apply the concepts and most importantly the ability to connect the concept with real life situations. JMIS specially trains and encourages its facilitators to particularly tap this most important aspect of Academic learning.

Can ‘academic excellence’ alone ensure the success in life
Academic excellence is a vital part but the success comes through the proper development of all the faculties. In fact, ‘emotional quotient is far more important than intelligence quotient’ to succeed in ‘real’ life. In consonance with this vision, JMIS – curriculum lays a lot of emphasis on EHV (Education in human values) and life-skills. It is a path breaking programme which has several innovative learning experiences for children as school-cinema, daily meditation, open-house, motivational good morning… to name a few.

What are the core values which you aim to develop in children
As a crux of several enabling values for life, the core values which we would want to bring in our students are – Bravery to have the mind set of exploration and discovery, Resilience to push through, Responsibility to see, own and act & Fun to enjoy the journey.

How will you sum-up the JMIS-Shikshantaram
‘Shikshantaram’ means ‘Be the difference’ and that is our curricular mission. We see our students and staff strong and assured in their purpose, having a voice of influence knowing the can make a ‘difference’. We see a school that is recognized widely for its authenticity, students ownership and future oriented approaches.

We see a school that places high stake on individuality, excellence and creativity. Above all, we see a school that is bold in its conviction to challenge the redundant conventional approach to education, placing high the value of innovation in ‘real life contexts’ …… a pioneering spirit of discovery.