Tips to get good marks in Examination

S S Dogra

The life is precious & if we have proper planning with time management, we can achieve the goal. Education, during school/ college days, plays significant role in human Life. But to get good marks that too in terminal/ annual examination is very-very important. There is an old saying “God helps those who help themselves“. That’s why, Students should follow the following tips to gain confidence and achieve bright career prospect.

All the best to CBSE Board students for their Exams.
*Be brief but to the point.
*Be confident & calm.
*Write with Neat & clear handwriting.
*Draw Diagram & Figure.
*Never feel pressure.
*Repeat the syllabus
*Focus on your subject only.
*Proper Time-Table for study.
*Silent place for study.
*Don’t hesitate to ask the matter with friends/teacher/parent.
*Understand the matter logically.
*Utilize your time well.
*Be careful about your study.
*Always think positive.
*Make your confusion clear from your friends/teacher/parent.
*Repeat the syllabus with your kin.
*Don’t see too much T.V. during examination days.
*Don’t play games during exams.
*Talk less on phone.
*Don’t think negatively.
*Take a short break during continuous study to get fresh again.
*Solve the learned questions on priority.
*Take daily bathe & pray.
*Be disciplined & sincere about life.
*Gather the maximum information from reliable sources only.
*Never think about copying/cheating in examination Hall.
*Solve sample papers from newspapers (X/XII Class)
*Never eat fast food.
*Wake up early in the morning to learn the important/difficult easily.
The above said tips are on the basis of thorough research.
Dear students if you follow them, the success will automatically come to your door. Consequently, the student will get due respect from school, parents, neighbourhood & relatives. It can be a helpful tonic for the students to get countless achievements in the life.

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