Help your child fulfill his dreams; don’t craft dreams for him…

Dr. C.M. Bhagat
Director, Bhagat Hospital &
Bhagat Chandra Hospital

What are the factor which decide career. I remember throughout my childhood I was interested in engineering, but my father mother like everybody’s else parents decided about my becoming a DOCTOR sahib. So I became one – fortunately an anesthetist ( I did not knew about anesthesia much till I joined ), a branch where I can use my physics & designing manipulations very well or at least I enjoy it.

Let us come to the actual subject- factors which make the difference

• Your choice or inclination
• Your study or ranking or efforts
• Parents dream
• Availability
• Finance involved
• Friends discussion, peer group trend
• General trend
• Media projection, projections and job availability
• Salary at this time

Of these last four factors are not all that important. It is all an inter play of first five factors. Who is wiser and who dominates, or who is stubborn. I can say child wishes should be supreme with proper guidance subject to availability and other circumstances. This is what decides career or at least career for the time being. This is what I have learnt and I have seen parents discuss in small group.

I just want to add that may be this is not the final word. You can still make difference later on by your effort. You can create your own path. With your own efforts you write your own destiny – even after you have taken a direction which may be you have not liked or were forced to do so. It is not the end of dreams. People have joined medicine to become IAS IPS or may be IRS later on or gone into management.

An engineer has become a management expert. A management expert has failed to manage his life all together. A poor father’s son has created an empire for himself or a doctor has become an importer or a business man later in life.

I just want to say that the decision is important at this juncture – what line you take, is not the final turn. Your life has many turns and bends ahead which are yet to come. So do not get depressed if you don’t get the right subject or direction which you think.

One thing is very sure, you want to succeed and to succeed it is your personality which counts.

• How determined you are
• How focused you are and how long you keep on wavering in your decision
• Your intelligence
• Your swiftness to grab opportunities
• To grab those opportunities, your presence of mind
• To complement your presence of mind, your knowledge
• Your knowledge helped by your efforts
• And how organized you are.

Ultimately to succeed (our goal), it is your effort / attitude / personality.

Don’t blame others, don’t grumble. What ever you do, do it with full enjoyment and happiness and succeed.

Dear parents, Help your child fulfill his dreams; don’t craft dreams for him…