“Hinduism From Maya To Moksha” Book Unveiled by Lord Swaraj Paul In Parliament of United Kingdom

Surender Purewal, Nautasha Singal, Virender Sharma (MP Ealing London), Lord Swaraj Paul (MP and British based Richest Magnet, Author Vijay Singal and Atul Bhardwaj.

Vijay Singal’s latest book “Hinduism – From Maya to Moksha” recently unveiled by Lord Swaraj Paul in House of Commons, Parliament of United Kingdom. Writer of highly acclaimed coffee table books like ‘Sparkling Punjab’ and ‘ Ganga – A Divinity in Flow’ and many other books on spirituality and human psychology, Vijay Singal has presented the essence of Hinduism in a nutshell on an international level in his latest offering. On this occassion Lord Swaraj Paul said, “I am happy to release this book as there are only few writers who have done well to explore Indian culture, religion and lifestyle in true form on worldly platform and Vijay Singal is one of them. Yes, he is a highly creative being who’s writings have touched my soul.

Virender Sharma, Member of Parliament, Ealing-London, was also present at the launch. He said, “I am impressed with the contents of this latest book by Author and think that this book is the need of the hour as the basic principles of the religion have been forgotten by our young generation. They can improve their life by following the contents of the book.

Quoting a brief note about the book renowned author Vijay Singal said, “this book is an academic study, done in a dispassionate and comprehensive manner, of an inclusive way of life, which has evolved along-with the evolution of mankind. It brings, to the doorstep of a common reader, the travails of the history, creative genius behind mythology, essence of philosophy, various means of spiritual attainment and utility or otherwise of practices of this most misunderstood and maligned religion. Both the strengths and weaknesses of this religion of eternity, Sanatan Dharma, have been flagged emphatically.”

Surinder Purewal, an eminent scholar and well known social worker with world renowned Lens-man Atul Bhardwaj was also present at the release function held in British Parliament located in Westminster , London .