CGHS Flat allotment Dwarka – latest developments

Dear members,

Congratulations! It is great news for all of us that the Delhi government has approved a cabinet note for granting general exemption to the members who were enrolled in violation of rule 24(2). We must praise the sincere efforts of the Hon’ble Chief Minister who had shown her keen interest in this matter. I must inform all the members that though the Judgment on rule 24(2) seems to be in our favour but RCS and the Government was in the opinion that the Court has not given any relief to the members. Soon after knowing the stand of RCS and the government, we started all out efforts to get the relief from the government rather than seeking clarification from the High Court. In the process, during the first week of July, we a group of members from different societies met Hon’ble Chief Minister and handed over a joint memorandum and made her aware of the sufferings of the members. She was quite convinced and assured us to bring the matter in the cabinet at the earliest. Since then we had met her 5-6 times and kept her requesting to expedite the matter. She was very positive and cooperative all the times. Even last week, we again met her and requested her to bring the matter in the forthcoming cabinet meeting. The group was quite active during last 3 months and had met many politicians and bureaucrats to expedite this matter of rule 24(2). The credit goes to some active members who put in their best efforts for mobilising and getting this great job done. Sh. Anand Mohan of Satyam Appt, Sh. Vinod Sharma of Jai Bhawani, Sh. Ajay Gaur of Vishwas Appptt, Sh. B.N. Nagpal, Mr. Akhilesh of Navnirman, Dr. Gupta of Great Loyallpor, Mr. Juneja and Mr. Raju of Ghandhi Ashram, Sh. R.K. Goel of Gold Craft, Sh. V.k. Sharma of Saral Apptt, Sh. Arya of Sapna Ghar, Mr. Goswami of Shiam Apptt, Sh. S.L. Gupta and Sh. Mishra of Sanmati Apptt, Sh. Sukhdev of Surangini Apptt, Mr. Abhijit of Seth Vihar, Mr. S.L. Sodhi, Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Mr. Akshya Kumar of Bharat Petroleum, Sh. Rama Krishna of Chitakoot Apptt, Mr. Mahadevan of Anjuman Apptt, Mr. Mr. Puri, Mr. Pathak, Mr. Ghakkar of Khattar Apptt, Mr. Kukreti of Jaypee Apptt, Mr. Anjani Kumar of Joy Apptt, Mr. Abrol of Chopra Appt , Mr. Puri of Ashoka Enclave and many other members who actively participated for this common cause.

Despite of being assured that our membership will be regularized due to the keen interest of Hon’ble Chief Minister, I request all the members to assemble at Hon’ble Chief Minister’s residence (3 -Moti Lal Nehru Place, Janpath Road, New Delhi) at 9 AM to show our gratitude for the great job she has done for us. It is important to mention here that the process of going to the Hon’ble C.M. has not only saved time but also saved us from the Burdon of the litigation cost which we had originally planned by moving to the High Court for clarification or filing a SLP in Supreme Court. We must also take the opportunity to thank the present Registrar whose positive attitude helped the Government to take the step to bring the general exemption in the cabinet.

Please inform other members also to come to Chief Minister’s residence at 9 AM to show our gratitude to her.

Thanks & regards,