Just Beat It

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director – CBI)

A large number of people are just living and waiting, for the things to happen, that life will suddenly bring forth, on its own, all that they cherish. Some are just waiting, without being clear as to what exactly are they waiting for. So in their case, as in the case of large of others, life goes on in circles. Sometimes, their just waiting, for something turns out to be literally eternal, almost till the end of their lives. It is exactly wishing to travel anywhere in the country, and hoping that somebody, will make a guess of what you want, will get you tickets, and transport you either to the Railway Station or the airport. Such things of appearance of a do gooder happen only in films and not in real life.

It is unrealistic, to expect things, to happen on their own, in your favour. Unless you take control of your life, you would be just buffeted around, by the currents of times or other people.
The first step to success, in any venture or field is, to decide that you aspire and what you would get, whatever it takes to get it. You have to accept the responsibility and consequences for what you want. Be clear as to what you want and preferably write it down.

There is a small majority, which wants prosperity through short cuts of crime and there are others, who are willing to pay the price for the same, through hard work and dedications. There are hundreds of fraudsters, burglars, shoplifters, and credit card crook, on whom short cut boom ranged and are now behind the bars. Foul methods yield foul results and fair methods yield fair results. If you want success and prosperity, use the language, and conversation, with feelings, which suggests the same. You simply cannot realise the goals, about which you are doubtful. Literally picture your goals, live your goals, sleep your goals and be filled with an intense desire and excitement to achieve them. Use the law of attraction to realise your goal. Remember that simply knowing the law is not enough that likes attract like. You can have the best desire, best attitude in the world, but if you do not follow it by action, you would reach nowhere. Knowledge by itself has no strength and no power. It has to be used by right for getting the desired results. Taking control of your life, remains academic, unless, you follow it up by action. Wish, once finalised has to be backed up and if necessary, by changing our strategies.

Only you can decide, as to what you want and what things you want to change. The first step in controlling and changing your life is to change your thoughts. Most people are hesitant to take new steps as they are afraid of failure or scared of being considered upstarts or simple plain, stupid silly or imprudent. Infact, it is the fear, which stops most people dead in their tracks. People, who are highly skilled but hate their jobs, would not go far. You have to like what you are doing, before you can succeed in it. On the contrary, even people with lower or moderate skills, who love their jobs, would do quite well, as would learn competencies on the way up. Make sure that you are aware of your skills and the need to upgrade them, if necessary. This is a sure method of predicting as to how much successful, you would be in your assignment.

A large bunch of people would rather stay in their comfort zone, rather than venture outside and expose themselves to the likelihood any kind of risk. An important thing in life is to take a chance. Once I was in Mumbai for meeting. The meeting finished earlier than expected. I did not want to stay there for one day, as I had an engagement in Delhi next day. I was booked by the next day’s flight. In winter, due to fog, it is a matter of record, that flights would get delayed for hours. I always felt that there are better chances of the flight landing in time, in the evening. When I checked up in the evening the possibility of catching the evening flight, I was told that my chances were zero. I still took a chance and reached the air port and got a seat, as a passenger had dropped out at the last minute. Opportunity and danger are twin brothers. One does not exist without the other. If you are taking a chance at a new opportunity, you should also expect some risk of failure. When the mobile phones were first introduced in India, there were prohibitively expensive and only a few could afford. But the early investors took a chance and are now not millionaires, but billionaires, many a times, over.

Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable. They go together. All life is a chance. We have to take a chance at every step and not rest on our laurels, if we wish to forge ahead of others, in life.