Holi Milan and Monthly Havan organized at Kamdhenu Arogya Sansthan

Holi Milan programme, Monthly Havan and talk on existence of 33 Koti Devi Devvta in Cow were organized at Kamdhenu Arogya Sansthan, Bissar Akbarpur, Tauru (Nuh) on 25th February, 2018. Pundit Bansilal Niranjan ji, Pramukh Pujari, Kamakshi Mandir, Karsog, Himachal Pradesh blessed all present in the programme. Referring to the cow’s usefulness, he said the need to remove all cows from the road and bring them to the homes for their protection. He emphasized the need to inform the farmers and ordinary citizens for the use of cows and their products in details so that all start rearing and husbandry of cows at their home and there should not be any stray and ownerless cows roaming on the roads. Describing the qualities of our indigenous cows Shri Naranjan ji said that this quality should be told to all so that the importance of Gaumata can be known to all people and they all follow their own after seeing it and they bring home all the stray cows and starting their earning from the products of cows. Shri Niranjan ji had worked hard for banning the practice of Bali, giving priority to the protection cows and to make them useful.

Shri S.P. Gupta, IAS (Retd.) introduced all the guests and welcomed them in his Gaushala premises. Then Mr. R.K. Agrawal welcomed Mr. Harnam Singh Thakur, Session Judge Gurugram, Pandit Vanshilal Narayanjan was welcomed by Dr. Abhay Shrivastav, Shri Kamal Tawadi, IAS (Retd) was welcomed by Mr. Vishal Garg, Smt. Rakhi Jindal welcomed Smt. Suchitra Agarwal, Working President, National Journalist Council, Mr. Ruchir Gupta welcomed Shri Hansraj Nayak, Kisan Channel, Doordarshan.
Smt. Shashi Gupta, while describing the 33 Goddess and God present in Gau Mata, showed the merit of the milk of Gaumata told that it is the complete diet of human beings. Serving Gaumata makes our intellect intense.She also told about the presence of gold in Gaumata’s milk. She also talked about organic farming and said that while describing the importance of organic fertilizers made from cow urine gaumutra, these are most beneficial for growing the food for human consumption.
Describing the importance of Gaumata, Shri Kamal Tawadi, IAS (Retd) said that we talked about improving the mistake of denying cow and its products and said that if we want to maintain balance in nature then it is necessary to preserve cow and nature and also to promote organic farming with use of gobar (cowdung) and gaumutra. He also said that we must stop the exploitation of the nature and environment.
Chief guest, Mr. Harnam Singh Thakur appreciated Kamdhunu Gaudham and named it as an Aadarsh Gaushala and praised the work of the founder president of Kamdhenu
Godham, Shri SP Gupta, IAS (Retired) and his wife Smt. Shashi Gupta. While thanking for the invitation in the program, he expressed his views, he said that he himself is a sevak of Gaumata and told that the human beings can overcome all diseases by using Gaumutra.

Dr. Rajkumar Sharma, Janakpuri New Delhi shared his few experiences of Gauseva and treatment of cows and told that if we treat or do seva of Gaumata it returns to us in many folds and also we get the punya in addition.

Smt. Shashi Gupta invited all the guests and devotees to offer Sawamani to Gaumatas and for celebration of Holi Milan Samaroh and then to have prasada and lunch at Gaushala. Vote of thanks were also conveyed by Smt. Shashi Gupta.

On this occasion Shri Y.C. Modi, Director General, National Investigation Agency, Shri Karmaveer, HIPA Superintendant, and other dignitaries and members of Gaudham management committee and local villagers were present.