Media can do wonders in student’s life, if utilized well during their regular study(Part-III)


 It is up to students, how they utilize their spare time in  reading good books, inspiring/informative editorial/articles in newspaper which can enhance vocabulary  & grab a good command on the language by watching good debates on TV, Film,   listening good programmes aired on  Radio by  fair use of internet  &  Social media (Facebook, What’s App), the students can upgrade their knowledge about historical facts, achievements, National hero, become more responsive/extravert, become more confident    & able to get better academic /practical result.

     Students should   manage to devote at least one hour daily (half an hour in the morning & half an before going to bed) in these Media resources during schooling.   Because it can be very helpful for them to shape   a sound foundation to qualify any competition & face challenges more confidently &   achieve  what they want to achieve in their respective fields for  a  brighter career option. By adopting the above suggestions, it’s hundred percent sure that a student can become an   asset for any nation. Yes, of course, Media can do wonder in Students Life, if   it’s utilized well during their regular study.

About the Author & his Book “Media can do wonders in students’ Life” by Surender Singh Dogra (popularly known as S.S.Dogra),  This book  is a compliance of  more than twenty years experience of his active journalism, research  on Internet and other media books.  This book covers almost all the branches of Media and Mass Media like, print, electronic,  internet etc.  It’s a handy book for any student right from VI class to XII class. It is very helpful book for media students of  XI and XII in particular because it has covered the basic syllabus of Mass Media Studies subject.  Apart from basic knowledge about Media the topic like Major Indian news agencies, Media Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Media Terminology, Media Day, inspiring quotes, Media quiz are the major attraction of this Media Book. This is  really very helpful book for the students  who are even appearing in the media entrance test for BJMC too.

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