How planets influence us


Astrology is the science of planets, their positions and motion in solar system, and to co-relates them to various aspects of human life and help divination. The cyclic motion of heavenly bodies affects the great and small events of our life, directly or indirectly. Planets are celestial bodies whose movements are tracked by keeping the Earth as central point. Our earth is constantly pulled by the gravitational force of the Sun, is therefore revolving round the Sun. The earth too has its gravitational force which keeps the Moon revolving around it. In the same way each planet exerts their influence on earth by their gravitational force. Thus the gravitational force is experienced by all heavenly bodies from large galaxies to smallest particles.

The gravitational force is the attractive force between two heavenly bodies which keeps them revolving around their respective orbits. All the planets have specific rate of motion in their orbits. The planets influence beings on earth in consonance with their rate of motion.

Following planetary parameters influence the life on the earth.
*Average distance from Sun
*Period of revolution around Sun
*Rotation period on their axis
*Their mass
*Their density
*Their temperature
*Their atmosphere[main constitution]
*Their equator diameter
*Their specific gravity

*Their number of satellites

Each planet has its unique influence. For example Moon is the planet nearest to earth, it is the only planet revolves round the earth, its speed is high as compared to other planets. So its influences on earth changes frequently. It is compared to human mind because of its tremendous speed. So it effects one’s thinking and emotional behavior. Moon’s has no atmosphere hence it makes the wavering of thought process. Most of the Moon’s surface is in solid rocks of uranium, titanium , iron and magnesium it denotes the high intrinsic values of a person. The temperature on Moon is between 370k to 125k so its represent the cold related diseases like cough, cold etc. Because of its nearness to earth its affects water element in human being. As a illuminate it represent left eye of a man. In astrology it is represented as a mother.