Husband Store – Choose Your Husband Here !

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

A new and unique store was opened in a city and its owner displayed many advertising hoardings across the city familiarising the people about it and also inviting the eligible girls and women to take benefit out of that, which claimed to sell husbands to the prospective and marriageable girls or women, where they could go and choose the husband of their choice.

One day, a high profile lady while driving her car, read its sign board and was quite pleased and excited to note that such a store has been opened where she can personally go there for selection of some man of her choice from amongst a galaxy of them. She shall have a choice of selecting a man of the colour she likes, height she may prefer and many other physical and psychological qualities she would like to have in her would-be husband. She thinks that it is really a novel and innovative idea to open such a store which is surely going to benefit women in many ways. Keeping all these things in mind, she goes inside the store to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance door is a briefdescription of how the husband store functions.

It says that women may visit the store ONLY ONCE ! There are six floors and the merits and qualifications of the men are put-up there and they increase as the shopper ascends the flights to the upper floors. There is, however, a catch ….. a condition ……… the client may choose any man from a particular floor, and if she does not like any husband displayed on that floor, she may like to go up a floor for selection ofanother husband having other and higher merits and credentials; but shecannot come back down to the lower floor, except to exit the building ! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband of her choice and closer to the likings of her heart ……..

On the first floor the sign on the door reads : Floor 1 – These men have medium jobs, medium heights and have moderate feature. They also have faith in God and are hence, having lot of moral and social values.

The second floor sign reads :
Floor 2 – These men have better jobs, most of them have fair complexion, better heights, good salaries and also love the kids.

The third floor sign reads :
Floor 3 – These men have decent jobs, believe in the existence of God and may or may not have some of moral values the client may like to have in them, but they love kids, and are extremely good looking.

“Wow,” she thinks pauses for a while, but feels tempted to keep goingto the upper floor to have still better husband.

She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads :
Floor 4 – These men have very good jobs, love the Nature, love the kids, are really very good looking and like help their wives to share theirhouse-hold works. They also love horse riding and enjoy water games.

“Oh, mercy me !” she exclaims, “I can hardly stand it !” For a while, she thinks that it would be better to choose a husband from amongst many displayed on that floor, but then, on a second thought, she thinks that there may be still better choices on the next floor.

Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads :
Floor 5 – These men have executive jobs, earn a lot of money, love visiting far off places by travelling by sea or air and exploring other countries, love the kids, are very gorgeous to look at, they hardly like to do any house-hold works but have a strong romantic inclinations. They can also afford luxury cars and servants to work at their homes.

She is so tempted to stay, but then on a second thought, her steps automatically move towards the sixth and the last floor to see what kind of husbands are on display there. On reaching that floor, she finds the sign, which reads as under :

Floor 6 – You are visitor No. 4,63,517 – visiting woman to this floor. There are no husbands on display on this floor. Please also note that there are good chances of God granting your reasonable and genuinewishes, but certainly not satisfying your insatiable GREED ……… After all, this is earth only, and certainly not heaven !!!

This floor has been made solely as proof that to show that women are really impossible to please. Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store. Watch your steps carefully as you exit the building, and have a nice day !

And lastly, please note that you may be allowed to visit our store after a cooling period of one year.