India : Democracy, Mobocracy or Monarchy

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

Arrogance has made Indian political rulers losing all senses when Union Railway Minister crossed all limits of insensitivity by calling angered protest of youngsters in New Delhi against heinous gang-rape, a sign of mobocracy. Such a weak defense of his political masters by Pawan Kumar Bansal for their not making public-appearance soon after the incident even through TV channels, is like sprinkling salt on wounds of justifiably angered youngsters having born police-brutality at behest of ‘democratically elected leaders’ ruling the country like monarchy.

Unfortunately leaders like Pawan Kumar Bansal elected in ‘mobocracy’ of vote-bank politics themselves run their political shops like monarchy enjoying princely bungalows, status of having a large security-force and so many other privileges and facilities at tax-payers’ hard-earned money. It is a known fact that dynastic politics has literally turned Indian democracy into monarchy. Pawan Kumar Bansal forgot that leaders like him could win elections only in such a mobocracy which is tailor-stitched to suit professional politicians to run politics like their family-shops. Pratibha Patil as President of India proved country to be a real monarchy by spending 205 crores on luxurious trips for leisure and pleasure of her family apart from having many more such irregularities at public-expense. If India would have real democracy, then perhaps most of our elected representatives would have been permanently rooted out of our institutions including Parliament of India!

President and Prime Minister should exhibit maturity by expressing regret on such a highly irresponsible comment of their Union minister, and instruct Pawan Kumar Bansal to tender an unconditional apology if he wishes to enjoy lucrative ministerial post gifted to him by Indian mobocracy! Even son of President Pranab Mukerji made public apology for his undesired comments on the same incident.