Impure and unhygienic water supply in Sector-8 Dwarka

Arvinder Chhatwal

Time and again our association is regularly brought to the notice of Executive Engineer (WD-8) DDA about the dirty, impure and unhygienic drinking water being supplied every day by DDA for the residents of Sector-8 Dwarka through their water lines already installed. The samples of dirty drinking water were also shown personally to the Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer of WD-8 department of DDA. It was also brought to the notice of Junior Engineer responsible for the water supply in the entire Dwarka. In this regard our association has addressed several letters to different officials of DDA.
Under the circumstances, the residents are bound to drink the dirty/unhygienic water and putting their lives in danger. The Association feels there is every possibility of spreading of several diseases like Viral, typhoid and stomach infections etc. in the area.
It is not understood why no action has been taken by DDA to save the precious lives of thousands of residents of Sector-8 Dwarka, particularly when the samples of muddy/dirty water had been shown by our residents to the area officials. The circumstance has compelled us to bring it to your kind notice.
Keeping in view of the above mentioned very serious problem being faced by thousands of our residents, we request you to kindly take up this matter with senior officers of DDA, for clean and hygienic water supply in Sector-8 Dwarka.