Our Country got freedom 63 years back. Our country became Republic about 57 years back. If we assert ourselves about the debit-credit accounts of this country, I am sorry that the picture is very dim. What kind of republic is this where the public is being hackled by the politicians and bureaucrats to such a point where there exists only one mantra Fittest of the survival. We should not be ashamed of subjected to this kind treatment for which we ourselves are responsible. We cannot blame anyone accept us as we have made our own destiny in this manner. It is we who have encouraged the corruption in this country to achieve our personal interests at the cost of wider interest of society. There is no convictions left in our minds. We are fighting with each others for achieving our personal gains at any cost and by hooks and crooks. On the other hand the bureaucracy of this country and the Politicians has become our blood sucker. The are creating such a situation were the only principle of Might is right will survive. These politicians ruling the country and the bureaucracy has become deaf and dump. They only reacts when you show your muscle power. What ever is left thereafter is at the mercy of capitalists.

Whether the celebration of Republic day or Independence day has any relevancy in the present time. I feel that in the present situation all must put a Danada as a sign of our whatever remaining strength on our houses hanging with a fata hua Kacha on it, which will reflect our strength on one hand and our the present position. We should not be misled by these corrupt politicians who have only one mantra to make fools of the people with glorying our past when the present is worst condition and the future of this country and the people is bleak till then they survive, who have transferred the entire wealth in Swiss Banks in their pockets.

At last but not the least, I feel it my duty to call all those like me who hope in the principle where is a will there is a way to unite and uproot this corruption from its base then only think of celebrating Republic days and Independence days.