“India Fights Dengue” is a mobile app developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to make people aware of symptoms of Dengue and its remedies. The app was developed keeping in mind the rising number of deaths in India due to Dengue.approvals will take only up to 30 days. Progress is being made towards this goal. Currently, the application process takes about 60 days, and includes a manual interface for scrutiny of building plans, calculating fee, and inspecting sites.

As of now, the application is only available on Android platform and comes fitted with following features and functionalities:

1. Enabling users to know and check symptoms of Dengue
2. Enabling users to get information about the nearest hospital/blood bank information depending upon their geographical location
3. Interactive and pictorial display of areas that are free of mosquitoes causing Dengue
4. Enabling users to share their feedback through emails
5. Enabling users to know the myths and facts about Dengue
6. Enabling users to know the Do’s and Don’ts for prevention of Dengue
7. A detailed “Frequently Asked Questions” section

Download the app here


For more information please write to
Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Deputy Director (Technical), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare at
or call 011-2616 5959.