Suggestion for better Airport Express Metro

Shri. Sudhir Krishna
Ministry of urban Development
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Subject: Suggestions – Airport Express Metro

Warm welcome to DMRC from Dwarka Forum and on behalf 6 Lakh plus residents, on taking over the Airport Express Line.

Dwarka residents have been demanding to scrap this PPP contract with Reliance infra from beginning itself. We are sure that this line is in better and safe hands now. We expect that now DMRC will run it efficiently, profitably and make it commuter-friendly as Mass Transport System not just look for Profit but for other aspects as well.

Our suggestions are as follows:
1. Peak Hour : Train should run at a frequency of 10 minutes. Non-peak hour based on the traffic the train frequency be adjusted to increase.

2. Peak hour timing : 08.00 AM to 10.30 AM & 05.00 PM to 8 PM

3. Speed for the Train : Should be restored to the approved level i.e 120 km,/hr at the earliest, taking into account the infrastructure details.

4. Feeder Bus Service :
· Flat charge of Rs.10/- per trip irrespective of the place of boarding
· Feeder bus service must be introduced from various Sectors of Dwarka
· Free Feeder bus service at a frequency of 5-10 minutes must be started between Aerocity and Domestic Airport-T1 (This must be announced properly including at ND Railway Station and T3)
· Feeder Services from CP area of 2-5 KM radius, New Delhi area with Chandni Chowk and especially for tourist for Paharganj area. Similarly the Aerocity to Mahipalpur Hotel areas and new Hospitality town within airport.

5. Inter-connectivity (between Normal & Airport Metro) :
· Explore to use the same card with some concession, in case the passenger travels between two Metros immediately

Security :· Inter Platform transfer from Normal DMRC to Airport must be opened in Dwarka Sector 21 and New Delhi without 2nd Security Check (this will reduce time and uncalled security expenditure).

7. Holiday Concessions : Must be continued as it is.

8. Fare structure :
Fare must be taken into consideration to make Airport Express Line POPULAR and to get full capacity both Peak hour and Non-Peak hours. The objective must be to convert private vehicle user to public transport system. This will be long standing profit in terms of environment and energy saving and development for all.

Between Stations Proposed Fare
Dwarka to T3 – 25.00
Dwarka to Aerocity – 40.00
Dwarka to Dhaula Kuan – 50.00
Dwarka to Shivaji Stadium – 75.00
Dwarka to New Delhi Station – 100.00

Return Fare Cards:
Dwarka to T3 – 40.00
Dwarka to Aerocity – 70.00
Dwarka to Dhaula Kuan – 80.00
Dwarka to Shivaji Stadium – 125.00
Dwarka to New Delhi Station – 150.00

9. Introduction of Family Card :Family / Group card valid for 4 persons must be introduced for Rs.250/- for travelling from Dwarka to New Delhi station and vice versa.

10. Monthly Pass : · The monthly pass of Rs.2000/- must be increased to 50 journey without any monthly cap,
· Recharge Domination of Rs. 500, 1000 and 1500 to be introduced with NO CAP till one has consumed – may be maximum of one year validity similar to normal metro.

· Each denomination could be used at any stations and depending upon stations the deduction take place plus POINTS. Also monthly pass holders given 50% discount on parking fees.
· A card also to be introduced or similar deduction system at parking.

POINT System:· The Regular travelers are contributors to CLIMATE CHANGE and DMRC could certainly improve the overall environment and help reduce the Climate Change Impact.
· The Carbon credit and other benefit that the DMRC or the Govt receives in this partnership are riders of Metro. So each card holder while they travel be given a reward point. For example each Rs. 200 Rs. 1 as reward point or what ever DMRC decides.

Free Parking System:Initially the DMRC to introduce free parking system in metro stations like Sector 21 where there ample space that could be developed. Once it is fully operational the parking discount to be offered to regular travellers and bring more private vehicle users to comfort and change in transport habit to mass transport.

13. Online Recharge : Facility to recharge online must be initiated, as this is already implemented in regular DRMC.

We do hope the above suggestions would be given due consideration. We would be happy to meet with you at a mutually convenient time, if you so desire, to discuss this further.

Citizen’s Reporter  
Joint Secretary – Dwarka Forum