Draconian and Incorrigible Upper Caste People !

R.D. Bharadwaj “Noorpuri”

It was really bad in taste and disgusting in nature to read another incidence of incorrigible and draconian attitude and behaviour of some upper caste people in Madhya Pradesh, when a youth named Prakash Jatav was beaten mercilessly for no fault of his own. Prakash Jatav was riding on his bike in Shivpuri District when he was spotted by some upper caste people of the village with medieval mindset and incorrigible attitude and they just could not digest the sight that the Dalits are now making some progress and have purchased a bike to ride on.

Infuriated on seeing him riding on a motorcycle, the gang of upper caste people pounced upon the hapless youth and started beating him with shoes, sticks etc. and scolded him for his dare-devil act of riding on a bike and told him that being a Dalit, he has no right to ride on a bike. Not satisfied with beating him mercilessly, they later on, also sliced off his nose, leaving him to bleed profusely. It is pertinent to mention here that the derogatory practice of untouchability and discrimination on basis on caste was officially banned in 1935, much before India became Independent and anybody still found practising untouchability is liable to be punished according to law. It is all the more disappointing to note as to how the barbaric upper caste people dare to commit such heinous crimes and that too, without any provocation. The behaviour and attitude of the upper caste people really deserves to be condemned severely; as it subjects the Dalits not only to an unlawful punishment, but it also amounts to heaping insult on the Dalits as they know that the lower caste people have little means and they cannot fight out a case with them through Police or in the Court of law.

As three of the miscreants have been caught by the Police, the law enforcing agencies should leave no stone unturned to catch the other law breakers as well and should endeavour to award them with maximum punishment, besides levying exemplary financial penalty on them as well. National SC/ST Commission should also use its good office so as to ensure that the wrong-doers do not get scot-free by the virtue or vice of their money or muscle power or any other influence otherwise available to the miscreant upper caste people who have inflicted huge pain and injuries to the psyche of the Dalit youth. It should also be borne in mind that it is because of such kind of perverted / repressive minds in society that the under-privileged strata of our society is not able to make some discernible progress and rise in life.

Not only that, such upper caste incorrigible people are also working as a stumbling block in the way to all round development and progress of India and the lower strata of our society suffers most because of their wrong doings.

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