India to be most populous by 2028?

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

It refers to United Nations Population report projecting about India likely to become world’s most populous nation by the year 2028 bypassing China which has effectively controlled population-growth by adopting one-child theory through legislation. However India can achieve the required purpose by adopting two-child theory instead through some mandatory provisions.

Benefits of ‘Reservation’ should be given only to persons and families with up-to two children. Study can reveal population-growth is much higher in families having or desiring ‘reserved’ category. It is unfortunate that tax-payers’ hard-earned money is being swallowed by such poor people who instead of limiting family-expenses by birth-control, cry for more subsidies and facilities at government-expense. Instead of wasting money on family-planning programmes, government should rather save public-money by inducing disincentives for persons with large families. All government facilities and subsidies like reservation, medical, ration, government jobs or promotions should be withdrawn on having a third child in the family. Only persons with upto two children should be allowed to contest elections. Even idea of snatching voting rights from persons with more than two children can be considered after some time of introducing above-mentioned steps.

Women going for deliveries in private or government hospitals may be compulsorily sterilized on birth of third child for time-being which may later be further modified at birth of second child.