Info about ADHAAR card for residents of Dwarka sub-city

Response from UIDAI office

Dear Sir,

Thank you and ALL  your partners very much in the DWARKA FORUM for evincing keen interest in Aadhaar.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to the residents of the area due to the number of enrolment centres not being at the desired level.  In the UIDAI ecosystem, the enrolments are done through Registrars who hire the enrollment agencies who actually set up the enrolment centres. Registrars are various Departments of the state Governments and Banks/India Post/other FIs. In the case of Delhi, all the 9 Dy Commissioners(Revenue), Mission Convergence and Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board have been appointed as Registrars by the state government and are presently doing enrolments.  In addition to these, few banks and India Post at their designated Post Offices are also presently live in Delhi.

Efforts by all the stakeholders are presently underway all over Delhi including your District to  increase the number of enrolment centres.  Your request to increase the number of enrolment centres in DWARKA is being forwarded to DC(South West) who is the Registrar for your district.

I am attaching the details of centres presently functional  in your District for Govt of NCT of Delhi which have the contact details of the persons in charge.  It may not be feasible for us to provide these details now for the centers to be functional in future.

  • The list of enrolment centers is available on the link given below:

  • For any query, you can call 011-23341249 (Mr. Shailesh) or mail us at 
  • Grievance mail box for south west district is also available i.e.
  • Email ID’s of the officers incharge of Delhi region are also given below:
  1. DDG(Mrs. Sujata Chaturvedi):
  2. ADG(Mr. Mahmood Ur Rehman):
  3. DD(Mr. Himanshu Dwivedi):
    RO, Delhi
    Room No. 128, Hotel Janpath,
    Janpath Road, New Delhi-110001


Latter to UIDAI for info about ADHAAR card for residents of Dwarka sub-city

Dwarka Parichay is a community portal for residents of Dwarka
sub-city. We are receiving many queries rearding ADHAAR card and the
site where it is being made in Dwarka.

Even after contacting staff that are involed in making card, we are
not geting authentic and prompt response.

Kindly intimate us about an officer who can give authentic and quick
reply about the various site in Dwarka for making of ADHAAR card.

We will share these information at popular info blog ( daily visited
by thousands of residents) :

You can also share other useful info/ message at this platform.

Thanks and regards,

Dwarka Parichay Team

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