International Road Federation (IRF)  introduces blockchain based road safety platform as  pilot project to  to improve road safety in the country

International Road Federation (IRF) a Geneva based global road safety body working for better and safer roads world wide  is launching a pilot for a Blockchain-Based Road Safety Platform with Mobile App to improve road safety in India with the use of technology,

“The Platform will lay the foundation for integrated road audits, enforcement, emergency care and insurance providers on a single platform and will connect road users with road operating authorities, enforcement agencies and emergency service providers just by the click of a button. The Road Safety Digital platform will be like CoWIN Platform (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network), a one-stop solution for all needs of road commuters.” ” Said Mr K K Kapila, President, Emeritus, International Road Federation (IRF) .  

“It will contain login-based specific and secured information about road users including their Driving License Safe Driving Scores, the validity of the license,  insurance policy, e-challan & penalties if any, Vehicle details; registration, challan, PUC, vehicle insurance. For  Commercial Vehicles permit, e-challans & penalties etc, For the  road geometric, real-time information about black/grey spots, potholes, riding quality index and signages. Emergency Care Services & Insurance details; accident details, nearest police stations & hospitals, availability of ambulance & beds in the nearby hospital, which can be connected through the Super App, online insurance claim settlement as customer, police & insurance companies all integrated to the same platform. “ said  Mr Kapila.

 “The  Blockchain-based Digital Platform with Mobile App will provide an end-to-end system, documenting each step of the road safety-related issues by integrating various Databases through APIs and creating a unified User Interface and customised role-based Dashboards for the stakeholders. “ said Mr Satish Parakh, President, International Road Federation -India chapter (IRF-IC)  

“Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are the leading cause of death globally for all ages and the first cause in the 18–45 age groups. Over 1·50 lakh people die year after year, and RTIs injure up to 4.50 Lakh people. More than 60% of these deaths are attributable to vulnerable road users (i.e., pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists). The traditional approach to road safety is not yielding the desired results, which is evident from the fact that despite some exciting & promising efforts by the Government, like developing Zero fatality corridors, identifying & fixing blackspots, installing cameras for enforcement etc., the highest number of road fatalities took place in 2021.” Said Mr Parakh

Elaborating on the project, Ms. Sristhi Assudani, Director Sales, SettleMint India, the blockchain platform provider said, “The Blockchain will securely ensure the traceability of every transaction on a one-to-one basis and through a distributed ledger. This will grow into an ultimate solution for road safety with an AI engine on top of this platform at a later stage.”

The Platform will be powered by Polygon Network on an Ethereum Scaling L2 ecosystem and delivered by their technology Partner, SettleMint India Services Private Limited. It is likely to go live by early January 2023.

“A visionary initiative by the International Road Federation (India Chapter). After the successful launch in India, IRF(IC) plans to take it internationally” Mr. Kapila added.

Detailing the project, Mr. Akhilesh Srivastava – Road Safety Brand Ambassador, IRF  and Chief Executive steer leading the Project, said, “We need technology-driven vehicle safety features both within and out of the vehicle, depending on the vulnerable road users. The approach has to have an integrated solution around road safety, including self-motivation through Safe Driving Scores to strict enforcement.”