Janmashtami celebrations in Golokdham, Sector-10, Dwarka

Radhey Radhey


Golokdham in Dwarka, Delhi will be celebrating Shree Krishn Janmashtami on 2nd September. Janmashtami is the birthday of Shree Krishn, the Supreme Personality. He is the bliss personified. So, Didiji also says it is the Happy Birthday of Happiness!!

During the past week, we had kirtan program in the evening everyday and Didiji gave a lecture on the topic of Krishna bhakti in Golokdham. The lecture series commenced on 28th Aug. and concluded on the 31st. Didiji explained a kirtan from Prem Ras Madira, a book of kirtans by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj over these 4 days – “Shyam milan kee baat, soch mann”.

Didiji explained that we are celebrating the birthday of Shyamsunder but we never think of even meeting HIM. Even in the worldly area, we celebrate the birthday of our near and dear ones with a lot of enthusiasm and plan to give the best gift. But in the spiritual area, we don’t even know what gift we should give to the Lord, who is Bliss Himself. However, He too needs something from us, and that is, our unconditional love and complete surrender to Him. Scriptures say that Lord Krishna wants nothing but our tears of love and longing for HIM. This is the ultimate philosophy and should be our ultimate aim.

She then explained that the mind is always attached to the worldly people and material things since eternity. So, it is extremely difficult to detach the mind from there and surrender it completely to GOD. But this is possible with the association and guidance of a Genuine Saint, who is perfect in all scriptures and God realised. Now the question arises – how to find such a Personality?

When we beg to the Lord and ask HIM to grant us devotion and not the worldly material things, then the lord graces us with the association of a True saint. Infact, GOD descends in the form of Saints to guide us and free us from this eternal cycle of birth and death.

In this kalyug of 5000 years, there have been 4 original Jagadgurus. The Fifth original Jagadguru is Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. We are extremely fortunate that we are living in this period when HIS Divinity is also present.

So, we should take maximum benefit of this Avtaar and try to associate with HIM, and under His guidance, understand the philosophy of the spiritual path, of which we know nothing. We cannot understand any holy texts and scriptures with our material intellect. This is possible only with the help of a True Saint. The Scriptures say, you must trust a Guru completely, allow Him to take you by the hand and guide you to God. Guru will help you along the spiritual path with obstacles and problems as and when you face them.

On 2nd Sept., there would be cultural programs also along with kirtans and pravachan in Golokdham. Different leelas of Thakurji will be enacted by children.

Naam sankirtan is the only way to please the Lord. God has put HIMself in His name, and so each name of the Lord that we take, is very powerful when recited with full faith and devotion to the Lord.

The celebration of Krishn Janmashtami becomes successful when the Lord is pleased with our devotion by singing HIS names, forms, leelas, abodes and devotion to His saints. Then we will also feel the appearance and presence of the Lord with us always with the grace of Guru and the Lord.

All are welcome to Golokdham on this occassion. The programme is scheduled from 6 pm to midnight 12 am on 2nd Sept.

Happy Janmashtami to all!!! Happiness Always!!