Justice for the slain Principal Ms Ritu Chhabra

Punishing/Hanging the juvenile?
And/or his father?

Punishing/Changing the system

Let us examine how and why the system has made our children lose control

Is it one of the following factors or all of them

Ill gotten, undeclared, untaxed money, tax laws,
corrupt tax officers, who might have allowed the father to get away by not declaring his actual income/ money laundering/professions such as property dealing that thrive, and do not require any minimum qualification/ unlicensed system of practising property dealing and many other such professions/ allowing firearms in homes/ a corrupt , insecure society that makes people purchase firearms either for bullying or for protection / police protection system to moneyed/ corrupt greedy lawyers and judiciary that has defended the accused in past/ all those parents who themselves lower the dignity of teachers in front of their kids/ school systems where Principal and teachers are expected to only give/ corrupt, inefficient managements and teachers who are also responsible for lowering our image/ makers and promoters of violent video games/TV shows and movies showing such ghastly acts/ people that inject hormones in food and cows that is causing early puberty but young adults to be not equated as adults till they attain the age of 18 years

Political interference and protection

A legislature that has RTE, Juvenile Justice Act and POCSO for children but nothing for Gurus.

Lack of respect for women in many indian homes/ a political class that never allowed Education to reach all.

Arms race and terrorism that has taken the GDP contribution to education to abysmally lower levels

The list is so long and frustrating

Education receiving the utmost priority and greater respect for schools and teachers is the only remedy.

– Nita Arora