New Rashtriya Society Celebrated Republic Day

67th Republic Day was celebrated by New Rashtriya Society, Plot No. 15, Sector 18-A, Dwarka, on the 26th January, 2016, from 11.30 AM onwards. Initially, our National Flag was unfurled at 11.45 AM by a group of daughters of the Society. Giving the due importance and a feeling respect to our daughters, it was decided to allow a group of seven daughters (girls) of the society to unfurl our national flag and it was followed by singing of National Anthem by one and all, which was further followed by distributions of cold drinks and coffee etc. Most of the members and many other residents of the Society had assembled in the court yard of our Society (along with their family members) in a very happy, elegantly dressed and in a gaiety mood. Small children were particularly enthusiastic about this celebration as they were very curious to know and experience to see for themselves as to how the events are going to take place. The young budding artists were really bubbling with energy and a lot of enthusiasm. 

Initially, Mr. Ravindra Verma, President of the Society gave a small speech highlighting the significance of celebrating republic day and also to imbibe the culture of respecting laws enshrined in the constitution of India. He also emphasised the members and residents of the society to respect and abide by the various rules and regulations made for the smooth running of the Society. Then he handed over the mike to Mr. Rohit Gupta, Secretary of Society to conduct various cultural activities for this celebration. Then small children volunteered themselves to give their performances for the cultural programme. Thus, small children sang patriotic songs eulogising the great freedom fighters of our country and who were the guiding forces and they sacrificed their lives for winning freedom for the masses. Some children recited small 2 poems and entertained / regaled the audience who had gathered there. Shaurya and Shavya, a brother & sister duo sang a song on electric harmonium (Key Board) a patriotic song – Maa Tuje Salaam ! Then a group of four small children also sang another patriotic song. Other small children like Nirvan Chandra, Tiya, Ananya, Shrishti, Arayan, Cheenu, Shanvi, Isha, Saureen and Aanya also recited / sang small poems and songs etc. in Hindi and English and were seen shouting slogans in high pitch like Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Jai Hind and Vande Matram etc., in a very enthusiastic manner and the spirit of patriotism was quite pervasive in their tones and high spirits. Rohit Gupta, Secretary of the Society, conducted the whole programme as convener of the function.
Then a group of ladies of the society (Deepti Verma, Ritu Arora, Radhika, Ritu Batra, Geeta and Pooja) also sang a patriotic chorus – Yahan daal – 2 par sone ki Chidiyan karti hain basera, woh Bharat desh hai mera …………, a song whereby they rekindled and revived and emphasised the need for the spirit of nationalism. Then R.D. Bhardwaj sang three songs, one Punjabi folk song – Tin Rang Nahin labhne sajna Husan jawani te mape, one devotional song – Dhool tere charno ki Satgur, chandan aur abheer bani and this was followed by a patriotic song – “Eh Mere Watan Ke Logo, Zara Aankh Mein Bhar Lo Pani, Jo Shaheed Huye Hain Unki, Zara Yaad Karo Qurbani”, and enthralled the audience.

Mrs. Munni Devi emphasised the importance for the construction of a temple in our Society premises so that religious functions of the residents of society could be conducted in a smooth manner, as and when their need arises. She also urged the residents to donate whole heartedly for this cause. Another Senior lady, Mrs. Raj Deewan called upon other senior members and other residents of society who are working as doctors, professors etc. to come forward and inform the Society as to how they can help other needy people in a cooperative spirit. 

Sports Events : Then some race events (50 Meters, 100 Meters and 200 meters) were conducted for children in 3/4 different age groups. Musical Chair and Lemon & Spoon Race were also conducted for the ladies. This time musical chair race was held for the gents as well, which was won by Mr. Sunil Kumar. But the biggest surprise of the entire function was a 400 Meters race held for the young boys and girls together (in the age group of 12 to 15 year) and it was won by a small enthusiastic girl, Annie Batra. The small girl proved beyond doubt (what is going on in rest of India) that these days the female children are really doing better than boys and proactively in most of the spheres of life. This girl has also won two more prizes in sports events.

And lastly, prizes were distributed to all the winners of 1st and 2nd position. Shri Ravindra Verma, President of Society, and his wife Mrs. Deepti Verma gave away prizes to the prize winners. Some of the prizes were also distributed by Shri A.K. Bakshi, another MC member of the Society. Special prize was given to R.D. Bhardwaj for giving a performance of three songs and entertaining the galaxy of the audience. President of the Society also appreciated the efforts made by Mr. Harish Dhingrain helping the society in many developmental works undertaken, in and around the society.

Then President of the Society thanked all those members and employees of the Society who expended a helping hand in conducting the Republic Day programme and making this celebration a grand success. The function came to a close around 2.00 PM, which was followed by lunch.

Prize Winners : Shristi, Dev Malik, Tiya, Atharav, Daksh Srivastava, Shanvi, Vansh, Shaurya, Ishan Batra, Vansh, Annie Batra , Mrs. Nidhi Jain, Shravya, Shiv, Sunil Kumar, Mrs. Deepti Verma and Mrs. Swati Bhargav won the prizes in the games and events conducted by the Society (NRCGHS).

Citizen’s Reporter 
R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

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