Kama Ayurveda, wins multiple awards

PremBabu Sharma

The beautifully designed and packaged, Pure & Authentic Ayurvedic brand, Kama Ayurveda has won several prestigious design and retail awards following the launch of its flagship store in New Delhi’s upscale Khan Market in September 2012.

In February 2013, the Pure and Authentic Ayurvedic brand – Kama Ayurveda, received the Images award for the Most Admired Launch of the Year for a Beauty Retailer.

Earlier in the year, the award for Best packaging design by the Confederation of Indian Industries and the National Institute for Design (CII-NID) was given to Vivek Sahni Design for Kama Ayurveda’s packaging. The award winning packaging has a vintage charm with a contemporary twist, creating a definitive design statement for Ayurveda for the 21stcentury.

Kama also earned Vivek Sahni Design the highly regarded CII-NID Environmental Graphics Award for the design of the Kama store in Khan Market.

Architecturally, the high façade and ceilings, period detailing and checker board marble flooring along with the classic lines of the warm teak and rattan cabinetry evoke a sense of luxury and continuity with the past. At the same time, the contemporary finial topped brass shelving, exposed lighting and ducting, and ivory painted brick walls underscore Kama Ayurveda’s place in the present and future. Speaking about Kama Ayurveda’s flagship store, director Vivek Sahni said, “Elegant and stylish, this store is the perfect backdrop for the pure and natural Kama Ayurveda range of beauty and well being products.”