Karan Grover has a ball playing the colorful Ranchod Tiwary!

Prembabu Sharma
Check out the loud patterns of that hooded jacket, the funky locket around his neck, the multiple rings on his fingers, the “777” tattoo on his hand, the sasta glares, the hint of a goatee stubble, the out-of-bed hair and above all the “bad boy” attitude of Ranchod Tiwary, the hot new character on Zee TV’s family drama Lux presents Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli.
With the hero of the show Karan (played by Karan Grover) going missing following a mysterious fall into a ditch, Grover is back as junior artiste Ranchod Tiwary, an out and out Paisa Vasool character with colorful lines that can send Chulbul Pandey running for his money!
“I have played Karan, the charming, decent ‘good boy’ all this while and thoroughly enjoyed the response of the audience. Now is the time for me to have some fun playing a street-smart guy with a lot of attitude. The look we’ve designed for Ranchod Tiwary is very different from what they have ever seen me as … it’s a big surprise for my fans and I am hoping they’ll love Ranchod just as much as they liked Karan”
Sources from the set reveal that Karan has taken a lot of personal interest in creating Ranchod Tiwary’s look, his punch lines and is literally living the character! If a look at these pictures is anything to go by, Karan’s effort is paying off big time!
 Stay tuned to Lux presents Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli at 8:30 PM, Monday-Friday on Zee TV for more on Ranchod Tiwary!