Karate creates discipline and self confidence – Palmer

New Delhi: “Karate –martial art creates discipline and self confidence among the human being” said Jim Palmer on the occasion of inaugural function of DSKC, Dwarka at The Indian Heights School, Sector – 23, Dwarka. An International reputed Karate Training camp and Seminar was held on 22nd June,2008 The Chief Karate Coach Jim Palmer-Six Dan, International fame Karate Coach from Scotland inaugurated the first World class Karate Indoor Wooden Training Centre the same day.
On this occasion, the Principal of the school also appreciated the efforts of the club, she assured the parents, present in the seminar, that their school is not only imparting the formal education but they are encouraging their students to flourish in other co-curricular activities too. The centre has a space of 3000 sq ft with state of art infrastructure in Dwarka & suitable platform for all age groups.
According to Mr.Sunil Yadav-Founder Chairman of the Club, “We have several achievement in the filed of Karate and martial art in around the sub-city. We have so far produced around fifty black belts from the sub-city besides Achala- first Girl Black Belt from Dwarka, & 2 youngest Black Belt Ashish & Rohan at the age of ten years only. “On the occasion of the said seminar white, yellow, green belt, blue, white stripe, purple, brown1,2,3 and black belt holders were facilitated and given special training session by Jim Palmer and Mr.Sunil Kumar Yadav.
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