Latest CGHS Housing Scam Developements in Dwarka

Latest CGHS Housing Scam Development Delhi 12 Jan The members have raise huge amount of loans from different Banks and paying the EMIs for the vacant flats. On the other hand they are staying in rented houses and paying rent. The members are facing financial burdens from all the corners like paying EMIs, paying rent, paying ground rent to DDA for the unoccupied flats, No tax exemption, paying maintenance charges of vacant flats, lifts and others accessories like DG sets, firefighting etc etc. The conditions are of the vacant flats are deteriorating day by day. On the other hand the Government is also loosing the members do not occupy a huge amount as property tax as thousands of ready flats. The Hon’ble High Court has constituted a committee comprising of Joint Director of CBI/EOW, Land Commissioner, Director (Housing) of DDA and Registrar, Co-operative Society, which will finalise the modalities as to how the innocent members should get their flats at the earliest. The committee will its submit the report to Hon’ble High Court on 16-12-2006. The AOCAM has submitted a memorandum giving its view-points with regard to the sufferings of the innocent/common members to the RCS who in turn will place the same view-points to the above-constituted committee for favourable recommendations. More