Lecture-cum-Workshop organised by Nature’s Hut

A Lecture-cum-Workshop was organised by Nature’s Hut on 24 th July, 2011 at UVNAC attended by gardening enthusiasts and office bearers of different societies.
Participants in the flower section of terrace garden of Mrs. Urivi Chaya
Welcoming the esteemed faculty and participants Dr UNB Rao spoke about the need of working towards a more greener Dwarka, which sentiment was equally shared by all participants.
Dr. B B Sindhu from PUSA and Secretary, Bougainvillea Society of India conducted the workshop on Bougainvillea and explained in detail the different varieties of Bougainvillea and their utility to the society.

Prof. B B Sharma, an authority on fruit trees and vegetables, dwelled upon different varieties of plants suitable for soil and brackish water in Dwarka. He kindly agreed to hold a Dwarka-centric horticulture workshop.

Participants in the vegetable section of terrace garden of Dr, UNB Rao
During discussions Mrs. Poonam & Col. S C Tyagi explained their difficulties in obtaining the plants being made available by different agencies of Delhi Govt., Capt. S S Mann narrated about callous attitude of Forest Conservation Department. Dr. Sindhu contributed valuable inputs in this regard. 
Dr. Rao took the responsibility of getting in touch with the concerned officials for expeditious supply of saplings for Dwarka and desired that we should make best use the current campaign for planting million trees in Delhi. PK Datta was directed to coordinate follow up action in this regard.

P K Datta urged the participants that as residents of the prestigious sub city they must strive their best to make it green. Speaking to Dwarka Parichay P K Datta informed that Nature’s Hut had recently done free distribution of Chrysanthemum saplings to a few select schools, public institutions, and old age home.  

Nature’s Hut is pleaased to inform all RWAs / Schools / NGOs / Govt Deptts / Offices that for their requirements of Plants / Trees / Shrubs they may like to apply to Delhi Parks & Gardens Society for free supply of the same as per below proforma: