Sri Venkateshwar International School organised the UN75xSVIS Competition

To brainstorm effective solutions to some of the most pressing issues of the world, the students of Sri Venkateshwar International School organised the UN75xSVISCompetition from 15-17 December 2020. It gave a platform to 250+ students from 30+ prestigious schools across India and abroad.

The event was organised by the students Mehak Mahajan, Muskan Mahajan and Paavni Kaur Mago of grade 11. The competition was inaugurated with the auspicious remarks by the Principal Nita Arora. Dr Arunabh Singh, the Director at Nehru World School, was the honourable chief guest for the event. UN75xSVIS was indeed a unique event in its own right, as it
made sure that the dynamic participants get to unleash their inner changemakers through 6 extremely interesting events, which included 3 youth dialogues, an article writing, a poetry recitation and a movie-making event. The event revolved around the agendas of Climate Crisis, Conflict and Violence, and Healthcare Inequity. Moderators for the event were Advocate Shivam Jain Kakadia from the Bombay Bar, Mr Shashvat Jain, and Dr Gurleen Suri.

19th December 2020 marked the closing ceremony of the grand event. It was highlighted by the appreciative remarks given by the participants who were grateful to be given a platform that heard their voices in these trying times.