Mahasammelan on Societies Draw

M.K. Gupta

Today, Mr. Mahabal Mishra, A.B. Bardhan, both M.P. and Shri Dharam Singh Solanki addressed the Mahasammelan on self-draw. The speakers gave a call to maintain unity for facing the RCS tactics and the indifferent attitude of the government. Mr. Mahabal Mishra assured his full support to the cause. Other speakers also exhorted the members of those societies who have already conducted the self-draw to immediate move to their respective flats and appealed to for the self-draw of other societies.
On the sidelines of the Sammelan, Mr. Vinod Sharma, a legal consultant, informed that as per rules of the RCS, if a Special General Body is conveyed and at least 3/4 members pass a resolution for self-draw, it will be legal. Another advocate, Mr. Yashwant Yadav from Shama Apartments. Sector 10, said that the Registrar of Co-operative Societies has informed in reply to his RTI application that documents of only 5 societies are incomplete. RCS will send the cases of the societies whose documents are complete to the DDA for conducting the draw. Mr. Yadav shall give the copy of the reply tomorrow. To be on the safer side, the alternate course of action may be to follow the RCS for sending the cases to the DDA urgently and vigorously pursue the DDA for an early draw. The Sammelan was successful to boost the moral of the members and to present the future course of action.