RTI INDIA celebrates four years of Right to Information at the Portal

Dwarka Parichay congratulates RTI India Team for creating awareness and providing a wonderful platform to discuss issues related to RTI.

More than 1,000,000 Page views a month at RTI INDIA and with more than 1,350,00 registered members, we are proud to celebrate rtiindia.org anniversary of four years today.

We are thankful to all our active members who have dedicated themselves for the cause of rightful interpretation of the Act and helping people at our portal.

We are also proud our our RTI INDIA Blogs which has around 750 blog posts spreading the views and sharing the knowledge with the community at large.

We have grown not only because of our vision, but because we have strong and dedicated team members who have worked selflessly with supreme dedication to keep the portal in order and pitching in everywhere they are required. Credit goes to the team who have ensured that not a single post go un-noticed in our portal. Please join us in acknowledging their efforts on this day of celebration.

RTI INDIA is continuously looking for new team members from amongst the active member of the portal and would expand this year to meet the growing need of active moderators and community builders.

On this day onwards, we would now like to take your suggestions on improving our Portal and expanding to new possibilities in the sphere of Right to Information. Please feel free to give us the new ideas in our suggestion forum.

Finally, we congratulate you all who have used the provisions of the Act in spearheading knowledge rights, who used this portal for helping others and who joined us as esteemed member.

Please feel free to post your views in this thread.

Thank You!
RTI India Team
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