Marriage Anniversaries Celebrated at Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Dwarka

The Sant Nirankari Mission, also known as Universal Brotherhood Mission, is a spiritual organisation based in India. The Sant Nirankari Mission identifies itself as “neither a new religion nor a sect of any existing religion, but an all-embracing spiritual movement dedicated for the welfare of our society, spread across length and breadth of India, and consolidates our belief in one superpower – Nirankar. Satsangs are often organised at various Satsang Bhawans where the followers of this mission are taught to promote universal brotherhood, love, compassion, helping the people in distress, sacrifice for the entire society irrespective of caste, colour, creed, language, religion or region.

During the Satsang held on the 2nd May, 2017, Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Dwarka, Sector 19-B, celebrated marriage anniversaries of Smt. Geeta ji and Shri Ram Kumar ji and Smt. Neerja Bhatia ji and Shri Ashok Bhatia ji, with full social / religious gaiety and fervour. Not only that, birthdays of two small kids, namely – Master Nihar Khurana (s/o. Smt. Manisha Khurana and Shri Mandeep Khurana) and Master Prateek Dobbal (s/o. Smt. Hema Bai and Shri Kishore Kumar) were also cerebrated during the Satsang. For the first couple, Shri Ram Kumar ji & Geeta ji , it was their Golden Jubilee anniversary and the Bhatia couple celebrated their 20th anniversary. As a part of the custom for this kind of celebration, first Mrs. Geeta ji, the bride garlanded her husband and then the husband Ram Kumar ji also garlanded her as mark of respect and regards for each other. Then two chairs were placed in front the Saint who was seated on the stage for imparting religious discourse and a common garland is put around the couple’s necks as a symbol of their oneness in marriage. Then religious rituals and hymns were sung by the singer sitting nearby and other saints gathered there showered petals of flowers on the couple. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Ram Kumar said that he was not at all informed by his family that they are going to celebrate their golden jubilee anniversary like this at the Satsang Bhawan in such a big manner. They were only told that their entire family is going to attend our routine Satsang. It is really a big surprise for us both, as our sons, daughters-in-law, grand children, all made the entire arrangements with the help of other saints who are responsible for making arrangement for our Satsangs. Generally, it is the parents who do so many goody 2 things for the welfare and well-being of their children and also to make them happy and enjoy life; but today, all things were arranged by their children, without the knowledge of the couple celebrating their Golden Jubilee Anniversary. 

Speaking on the occasion, Miss Bhumi, grand-daughter of Shri Ram Kumar ji, recited a poem : –

“From the first day of your life you need to know that there is someone who cares for you,
Grandma and grandpa, You have always shown us your love in everything you do,
There were times we made it rough for you and gave you many a headache ,
You never seem to let us down, you stood by us and showed us all the right roads to take,
You scolded when it was needed and praised us for good things when it was earned ,
With your love and understanding from our mistakes, we were able to learn ,
So on this special day of yours – the day you became husband and wife ,
We have all joined together, all of us who have been a part of your life,
To wish you a Happy Anniversary on your Golden Wedding Day ,
And hope that God will hold you both in his hands and listen to what we all say ,
Grandma and grandpa ! we love you and with God’s blessing from above ,
Wish you many more happy years together with Everlasting Love !!! “

The second couple i.e. Mrs. Neerja Bhatia and Shri Ashok Bhatia ji celebrated their 20th anniversary. Speaking on this merry occasion, saint Ashok Bhatia ji said, “We were tied in this sacred matrimonial alliance twenty years ago, but Neerja ji joined this Nirankari Mission 21 years ago. It was really a matter of huge pleasure and satisfaction that we are celebrating our weddinganniversary at our Satsang Bhawan, in the company of all our dear and near saints who often bestow a lot of love, respect and regards on us and also help others. It is really the Sadh Sangat (a congregation) which which not only provides us a good dose of emotional support to us from time to time, but also stands by us as and when any such an occasion or event comes.”

Then parents / grand parents of both the kids i.e. Master Prateek and Nihar were also given some time to come of the stage and seek blessings of the entire congregation. Grand parents ofPrateek Dobbal (completed three years), Mrs. Vimla ji and Shri Manohar Lal ji thanked the Sadh Sangat for giving blessings to their grandson. Similarly, Shri Mandeep Khurana, father of the second kid – Nihar Khurana also thanked the entire Sadh Sangat for the blessings bestowed of his son. But the real surprise was given by Nihar himself, who has just completed five years, and he recited a small poem with full confidence, as under : –

“किसी गिरते हुए को उठायो तो कोई बात बने, किसी रोते हुए को हँसायो तो कोई बात बने ,
प्यार अपनों से तो हर कोई निभा लेता है , प्यार गैरों से निभायो तो कोई बने !

कांटे राहों में बिछाना तो कोई बात नहीं , फ़ूल राहों में बिछायो तो कोई बात बने ,
हँसके ख़ुशियों में तो हो जाती है दुनियाँ शामिल, काम दुःख दर्द में आयो तो कोई बात बने !!
किसी गिरते हुए को उठायो तो कोई बात बने ! किसी रोते हुए को हँसायो तो कोई बात बने !! ”

Shri Ved Batra ji , Mukhi Mahatma ji of our Satsang Bhawan, said that as we all know such type of marriage anniversaries are often celebrated at this Satsang Bhawan many a time, silver jubilee anniversaries are also celebrated many a time, but Golden Jubilee anniversaries are celebrated very rarely. He further said that he only remembers having celebrated golden jubilee for two couples only i.e. Smt. Shakuntala Kapoor ji and Faqir Chand Kapoor ji and second – Mrs. and Mr. T.V. Arora ji. He further wished that all couples should enjoy good health, continue to attend Satsang regularly, do Sewa and Simran and reach their golden jubilee year. Mr. Mohan Kapoor announced another happy news that our Mukhi Mahatma ji has bought a new big car with the blessings of Satgur Mata Savinder Hardev ji Maharaj and we should all bestow our blessings on the Batra family so that they continue to enjoy safe rides of this car happily ever after. Mahatma Davinder Aggarwal played the role and responsibility of convener of the function. Mohan Kapoor provided the much required occasional doses of fun and humour in between the function. 

At the end of the Satsang, Guru Ka Langar was served to the entire Sadh Sangat and thus, around 300 saints had a very good jolly time celebrating the marriage anniversaries and birthdays of two lovely kids. The function had started at 7.30 PM and it came to a close at around10.30 PM. Dhan Nirankar ji. 

Citizen Reporter
R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”