Master Plan Review- Invitation for Open House for suggestion on 22 May 2012

Shri. P S Uttarwar
Director Planning
DDA Dwarka,Zone-K-II
Manglapuri, Dwarka

Shri Girija Sankar Patnaik (IAS)
Vice Chairman, Delhi Development Authority
New Delhi

Director (Planning)
6th Floor, Vikas Minar,
IP Estate, New Delhi-110 002.

Subject: Review of MPD 2021- Submission from DWARKA SUB-CITY Reference: Your Public Notice for hearing on 22 May 2012

We appreciate the DDA initiative to conduct Open house on review of Master Plan 2021.

Since there were many issues that affects over 6 lakh residents, over 300 CGHS Apartments and over 55 DDA Pocket RWA’s in Dwarka Sub-City.

First of all we would like to submit that a Sub-City Dwarka was created based on Master Plan provision and its real implementation on ground differ. The plan and implementation Gap is over 20 years. This cause huge financial burden and denying even basic facilities to citizen.

Some of the areas where we found Master Plan need amendments are:

1. Demand to amend/Review the following:

a. Make Parking area Mandatory for all Markets and other areas with ground reality of final stage where in full parking for owners and visitors. Irrespective whether it is small CSC, LSC , MLU or Commercial or Institutional Building or plotted Residential building.
b. Increase the ECS- Equal Car Space according to Commercial, Institutional and Residential or mix use.
c. The markets (MLUs)designed earlier to be modified and designed to cater future needs (This was discussed and approve in principle during WG Meeting of UTTIPEC/DDA).
d. Amend the FAR for CGHS(Co-operative Group Housing Society ) and DDA Pocket for both residential and community purpose.

i. The CGHS Apartments build and conceived earlier have ample open space to increase the FAR with due approval, structural safety be allowed to add rooms, balconies etc.

ii. The provision of Community facilities within CGHS to allowed in the new MPD. The facilites for Community Halls, Play rooms, Gymnasium, small shops etc

iii. The DDA Pocket Flats and Apartments build and conceived earlier have ample open space to increase the FAR with due approval, structural safety be allowed to add rooms, balconies etc. This will be with due involvement of Architect and No objection from other co-residents and RWA of the Pocket.

iv. No COMMERCIAL Activities to be allowed in residential Apartment Complex whether it is DDA Pockets or CGHS. This include MIX use or Professional use as non resident to complex.

2. We demand to Cancel the following :
a. International Freight Complex (IFC) at Sector 25, Dwarka.
The current transport/traffic infrastructure of 60 Meter road and other roads are not sufficient to cater the demand of IFC complex with huge freight carrier vehicles. Also considering the location close to residential hub this be removed and developed close to Delhi-Haryana border along –NH8.
b. The ISBT at Sector 22. The location of this ISBT and its number of inter state vehicle would further choke the traffic situation of Dwarka. The Dwarka is already well connected with Metro Rail and Rail network. The interstate Bus terminal be created on NH-8.
c. Both above land may be used as Commercial Office complex for IT and other services as it will be well connected with Airport, Rail and two Metro Network. This will also provide the sub city residents to work within the sub-city and reducing the commuting.

3. We demand to include in the new MPD the following:
a. asic facilities such as Toilet, Segregated Garabge Disposal Location , C&D Waste Disposal Location must for all area and each type of building as part of building plan.
b. The current Plan have no ear marking for Vegetable and Fruits on the population and basic requirements of citizen.
c. Transport Infrastructure:

i. The Transport Infrastructure are planned of pre 1980 status. While the growth of economy and population be taken into consideration.

ii. The roads to be widen and plan and implementation gap be reduced. The UTTIPEC division of DDA designed Transport Guidelines while this need to be incorporated into MPD.

iii. The Transport infrastructure to be based on Review of every 5 year.

iv. Currently a resident of Sector 22 to get out from Dwarka ie. Sector 21 underpass for less than 2 KM take over 25 Minutes. A resident of Sector 6 take over 20 minutes to travel 2 KM from Sector 6 to Palam-Domestic Flyover. There is huge demand to increase the Road connectivity.

v. New High Speed Local Corridor Ring Roads or Criss Cross Roads with Loop need to build across city over the high or under ground.

vi. The Transport hubs to be planned for each of the area.

vii. Local transport connectivity to be part of the Master Plan. Eg. The Dwarka have metro connectivity, however lacks basic local transport network. Every individual is compelled to use own private vehicle.

d. Set time frame for Allocation, Allotment, Auction of HAF, CSC LSC ,DC etc
i. There is huge gap in aquired land of DDA to put in allocation , allotment and construction of area facilities like HAF, LSC and District Centres etc. Take example of Sector 23 DDA CSC build prior to 2008 still vacant. The Huts build in Sector 22 in 2007 still vacant. The HAF across Dwarka lying vacant and encroachers are invited. Same is the case with District Centres of Dwarka.
e. Modificaiton and Beautification of Drains.
i. Across Dwarka a large number of Najafgarh drain and other drain run through different Sectors. Considering Master Plan review these Drains to be modified and beautified to useful purpose for community and also give good healthy environment to neighbourhood residents.
f. Re-Development of Ramphal Chowk-Sector 7 Palam Extention – 20:20
i. The entire area of Dwarka was allocated for 20:20 programme and other purpose. Today entire area constructed without plan and approval with short sight. This entire area to be REDEVELOPED considering it already become commercial.

ii. There is ZERO Parking facilties inspite huge commercial activity across Sector 7 Ramphal chowk. The DDA and MCD failed to adhere provisions of MPD 2021. The new Master plan provision to include suitable amendment to acquire land for parking such commercial or mix land use areas.

iii. The MPD should also have provision to penalise the staffs of Civic Authorities Building and Landowning Agencies Building Division for allowing unplanned and unapproved building and compromising security and safety of public at large in addition to revenue loss.
g. Local Transport System:
i. All Master Plan and Zonal plan to have Local Area Transport system as part of MPD to cater and connect to main transport Links.

4. Plan of Dwarka:
This remain only in paper ( hope this would considered while amending reviewing MPD 2021 as example of Planning and Implimentation Gap).
a. Pre habitation facilities lacking:
i. No Vegetable/Fruits Markets
ii. Only few Milk Diary booths such as Mother Diaries
iii. No District Centre
iv. No Recreation Centre such as Cinema halls
v. No Clubs
vi. The Service Sector 20 is converted to Commercial use and NO SERVICE related usage till date allotted. The Ramphal chowk Sector 7 converted as illegal Auto Repair causing huge environment pollution while the Sector 20 is un allotted for the same purpose.

5. Water Supply:
a. The MPD and Zonal Plan talk about Water Supply and Demand, these are not in line with Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) Manual. (eg. 98% of Dwarkites drinking highly contaminated toxic ground water with over 3000 TDS level).
b. The Piped Network and Under Ground infrastructure are build and not put in use cause huge exchequer waste and damage.

6. Completion cum Pre occupancy certificate issues of Cooperative Group Housing Society:
a. MPD 2021 should consider amending the policies for Building Plan and Process of giving Completion Certificate, POC etc with minimum paper work while not compromising security, safety aspects.

President- Dwarka Forum