PM Narender Modi achieves highly appreciated diplomatic success through his Nepal visit

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

Indian Prime Minister deserves all compliments for a multi-cornered diplomatic success through his recent two-day Nepal visit on 3rd and 4th August 2014 which was blended with human and cultural aspects too, when a human-touch of Narender Modi was for the first time made public about an unknown Nepalese boy having been brought up with full care about his studies by a person now posted as Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy. Earlier two senior lady officers had also narrated similar experience of about two decades back when Narender Modi and his then associate Shankersingh Vaghela gave their lower berths in a train to those two young girls of that time by themselves sleeping on floor of the railway-coach quietly without any publicity. His historic visit to world-renowned Pashupatinath Temple and offerings made there on an auspicious day according to Hindu mythology and traditions were whole-heartedly welcomed by Nepalese people.

His diplomatic success is clearly visible when even the Maoist Nepalese leader Pushp Kamal Dahal (Prachand) welcomed Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Nepal by having a personal meeting with him. Out-of-protocol welcome by Nepalese Prime Minister at the airport with 19-gun salute declaring an unprecedented two-day holiday for his visit in itself establishes India’s great success for diluting Chinese influence on Nepal. Words of Narender Modi’s address at Nepalese Parliament touching every possible aspect of Indo-Nepal relationship came directly from the heart of Indian Prime Minister, rather than read from any written script. Narender Modi has rightly dedicated his successful Nepal visit to welfare of mankind (citizens of India and Nepal).