Media Workshop organized by Creatives World Media Academy & ICMEI in Kalka Public School.

(Report: Honey Sehgal)

New Delhi: “Role of Media in Students’ Life”- A Media Workshop jointly organized by Creatives World Media Academy & ICMEI in Kalka Public School, Alaknanda. Mr.S.S.Dogra-Senior Journalist & Managing Editor of Dwarka parichay was the key speaker of the said Media workshop & interacted with more than eighty 12th class students. Mr. Dogra delivered an inspirational lecture on the all the branches of Media & the best utility of media with its benefit in the life of students. He even told useful tips and encouraged the participant students to make maximum use of all the media resources to upgrade their I.Q. level and groom their personality. 

So far, Mr. Dogra has conducted more than fifty media workshop across the country as a national movement to motivate the students & create the positive image of Media among the school & college students. Media is called 4th main pillar of democracy, so the students and young teenagers have to come forward and remove the corruption from the county like Prime Minister of India is continuously working on it. Apart from the utility & uses of Media many more topics have been discussed among the students like various career option in mass communication & popularity about media field. 
Mr. Honey Sehgal-the alumni of Kalka Public school was also the major attraction of this Media workshop. Because his book “Journalism Around Us” has recently released by Global Media Guru Sandeep Marwah –Founder-Film City Noida & Ramesh Bhatt-Anchor News Nation during 24th NAI award ceremony on 2nd December itself. Mr. Sehgal along with Mr. Dogra presented his same book to Mrs. Anju Matho tra- Principal of Kalka public & Mrs.Kanwaljit Kaur & Ms.Niharika. Honey shared his journey from the school student to the journalism field. He also shared his experiences with the participant students & very well explained the importance of media & news media in the modern world. He even revealed that he is fond of investigative journalism & so far, he has interviewed more than 100 eminent journalists and celebrities. 
In this media workshop After the workshop, students were very much motivated by the conversation with SS Dogra and in the workshop was also present, to see the skills of the students how they are gripping things by the workshop. Students were so energetic that they were picking up the points and the interesting part was that they ask questions by understanding the things which make the workshop more powerful and It was very much proud moment for all of them who attended this Media Workshop by the alumni of Kalka Public School. 
The said Media Workshop concluded with short speech of Mrs. Anju Mehrotra-Principal of the school who appreciated Mr.S.S.Dogra for this innovative, motivational & productive workshop meant for the senior students. She further congratulated Honey Sehgal who himself the alumni of the school & blessed him for a bright future.