Shri G.S.Patnaik Vice-chairman, inaugurated DDA’s 27th Annual Flower Show today at about 11.00 a.m. at Exhibition Park, District Park Hauz Khas adjoining DLTA, on Africa Avenue Marg, New Delhi. Chief Engineer [South Zone], Director [Hort.] North Zone and South Zone and other senior officers of DDA and Horticulture Deptt of DDA were present besides a large gathering of local residents. The Flower Show is being organized from 24th February, 2012 to 26th February,2012. 

Speaking on the occasion Shri G.S. Patnaik, VC, DDA said that development of greens and sports facilities is one of the thrust area of DDA. By organizing a Flower Show, Horticulture Department gets an opportunity to show-case its skills, achievements and also the expertise in development and maintenance of various type of plants, flower arrangements etc besides the greens. He further informed that during the flower show information regarding various varieties of flowers, plants and flower arrangements etc will be provided to the visitors. He added that this year Horticulture Departments of NDMC, MCD, CPWD and PWD, Delhi have also been invited to participate in the Flower Show to provide healthy competition among all these institutions and showcase their expertise in the field. Elaborating the importance of the venue of the Flower Show, he said that Hauz Khas has historical importance and also huge developed greens.

Sh.A.K.Pandit, Chief Engineer(South Zone) giving details about the Flower Show said that the flower show is being organized in two parts i.e. Part I includes (i) display of potted plants (ii) display of cut flowers etc and is open to the Government Exhibitors from DDA, CPWD, PWD, MCD & NDMC. Part II includes judging of different categories of parks maintained by DDA all over Delhi which includes park of different areas, parks in group housing pockets, road side plantations, seed bed / nursery, Sports Complex and urban forests.

The Part I i.e. display of potted plants and cut flowers etc will be organized in 18 classes which include Flower Arrangement, Pot Plants, Hanging Baskets, Perennial and Balbous Plants, Dahlias, Foliage Plants, Exhibition Foliage Plants, Bougainvilleas, Cacti and other Succulents, Bonsai, Garden in container, Landscape garden and Cut Flower [Gladioli], Roses, Floral Arrangements etc.

The judging will be done by a panel of judges. For display of potted plants judging will be done on 24th February, 2012. For cut flowers judging will be done on 26th February, 2012 and for DDA parks judging will be done on 24th and 25th February, 2012. Shri Tejendra Khanna will give away prizes for the best display of potted plants, cut flowers and parks in various categories at 4.00 p.m. in a prize distribution ceremony being held on 26th February 2012.

It may be mentioned that DDA’s endeavour has been to provide maximum green cover to the City of Delhi and it will be appreciated that Delhi has highest green cover amongst all the metros in the country. Apart from preserving greens and developing greens DDA has been trying to protect the greens around various monuments and heritage buildings which fall within the DDA areas.