Meeting of the Forum Members on 22.6.2008

A meeting of the Forum Members on 22.6.2008 at GOKUL GARDEN (Sector-7) NEAR BHRAHMA APARTMENT at 10 am. All the recent development along with concept of Resident Ward Committe will be discussed in the meeting. All members are hereby requested to kindly attend the meeting.
* Some points for the meeting
-Opening of CGHS Dispensary in Dwarka for the benefit of Central Government employees and pensioners.
-To search and join some active groups/ forum to strengthen our voice.
– Regular monthly schedule of the meeting
– Other topics :
(a) Water problem- managing and augmenting the sources, prevent wastage and help to give proper distribution.
(b) Proper Maintenance of Roads and Park and trying to maintain clean and hygienic conditions
(c) Security concerns including crime control and prevention
(d) Recent Delimitation Act. To make dwarka into a single assembly seat.
(e) Transportation, internal commuting, and traffic management
(f) Allotments of CGHS flats- of course with the persistent efforts of the people finally the verdict have come out in our favor and we must ensure that allotments process begins at the appointed time in various societies. Contingency action in case again the allotment process is thwarted by the malicious elements.
(h) Pollution- control of all sorts of pollution and garbage. Excessive noise pollution is also a main element that disturbs the peaceful living of the residents. Control of noise creating functions and events to limit them within reasonable timings and places.
(i) Corruption- This is a national malady affecting all and sundry. Unless we as citizens do not discipline ourselves, we cannot check the rise of this sickness in all agencies around us.
For any further information / assistance you may contact:-
Sushil Kumar-9350829327
Anil Nayal-9873016110
Rajiv Solanki-9811792180