Age-limit required to be in politics

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It refers to life-long ambitions of over-ambitious political leaders of India which at times tends to create tsunami in Indian political system. In most other countries of the world, Prime Ministers and administratively active Presidents are usually first time appointed in age-group of 40-50 years. But in young India with 65-percent population in age-group below 35 years, age of around 60 years is considered to be ‘young’ for politicians!

If there can be an age-limit for those in bureaucracy and judiciary, there must also be an age-limit to remain in politics by providing a ban on contesting direct elections after age of say 65 years. However experienced persons if needed can be made members of Rajya Sabha. But even in case of Rajya Sabha elections those above 65 years may be required to submit medical-fitness certificate to avoid medically unfit persons like George Fernandes being gifted important Rajya Sabha membership just for providing them government-bungalow and other facilities available to Parliamentarians.