MK Gupta,
Member, Security Committee, Dwarka Forum

When you are at some isolated Metro stations at Dwarka at night, be over cautious about your purse, chain and other belongings, as they may be snatched. After snatching, you may be heading for another trouble in attempting to lodge an FIR for the loss, forget about its recovery for a moment, as the recovery rate is minimum in such cases.

On 25th March, 2010 the purse of Mrs. Madhu Gupta was snatched which contained US$ 3800 and important documents when she was returning to her house from Sector 10 Metro Station, Dwarka. According to the complaint, duly acknowledged at the Police Station, a copy of which is with the author, the total loss is about rupees three lakh plus important documents like credit cards, cheque book and so on but the police station has not written an FIR on one pretest or the other. In the absence of an FIR, she has to satisfy herself by delivering complaint on the next day i.e. on 26th March. Mr Gupta told on 27th, that when he and Mrs. Gupta again requested the police for registering the FIR, the cop asked her to give the serial numbers of dollars and upon failure to do so, he did not register the FIR.

Mrs. Gupta was returning with her son Karan Gupta at about 10.45 p.m., on 25th March when a bike hit her from behind and consequently, she fell down on the ground. Her son helped her to stand and when she stood, she immediately realized that her purse has been snatched and told this to her son who tried to catch the biker by taking lift from some body else but he could not catch the two-bikers on one bike as they ran away taking advantage of darkness. He or her mother failed to note the number of the bike due to darkness and due to shock of sudden ambush. Karan is working in Illinois, USA, and came to Delhi on 20th March and drawn the money from his bank to pay the installment of his education loan.

The lost items include US$ 3800, Swiss Frank 600/-, Rs. 9,000/-, Credit Cards of HDFC, HSBC, City Bank, ICICI Bank, PAN Card, Driving Licence, Cheque Books, key of locker, Id. Card of Punjab National Bank, Insurance documents. On all the documents, address of her previous residence at Ashok Vihar, Delhi has been given as she has shifted from there to Dwarka recently few days ago. She is working in Punjab National Bank, New Delhi and resides at Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi.