Monthly Meeting of Age Well Association(NGO)

Monthly Contributory Lunchon Meeting of Age Well Association was held on 29.6.2019 wherein Birthdays and Marriage Anniversaries of members were celebrated by cutting cake and offering rose bud each.     

I.M.Khanna, President elaborated of programmes of last month and also plan for July, 2019. It is informed to the house that there are going to be following two events in the month of July, 2019:
1. Interaction with Delhi Police officials of Dwarka reg. Rights of Senior Citizens and its  status of implementation  in relation to Senior Citizens.

2. MEDICAL Talk Show with Venkateshwara Hospital on orthopaedic, its precautions, symptoms and treatment.

3. Sports Day for Underprivileged children and also children from Societies in the quarter July, 2019 to September,  2019.  

Topic of Elder Abuse was also shared & discussed at length wherein members participated. I.M.Khanna, President shared his views expressed by him in an article on Times of India on the subject.     

Songs were sung by members I.e. sh.Joginder Malik, Ms.Karuna Srivatsava, Sh.Ashok Bhardwaj, I.M.Khanna, Sh.S.S.Gupta & guest Mr.Hans.  Col.A.K. Sabharwal presented some shaero- shaerie.   Meeting ended with a vote of thanks by P.K.Chopra, Gen.Secretary.