MS Talks India: Digital Storytelling Championship 2021

New Delhi:2nd Feb.2021(Sure Shot)

There are so many contests going on in the world, but have you heard about ‘Digital Storytelling Championship'(DSC). May be not! There is going to be a mega online event for the first time in India by ‘MS Talks India’ founded by Author Sherry, on 6th & 7th February 2021 in New Delhi by Zoom. Author Sherry is a renowned International Public Speaking Coach and TEDx speakers coach in India and has created a niche of his own, in the speaking world. Author Sherry is 7 times TEDx speaker and 3 times Josh Talks Speaker himself. He is on a mission to create a million ‘public speakers’ in the country by 2030. Digital Storytelling Championship is curated by Author Sherry as he strongly feels everyone has a story and stories shared with the world has the power of transforming lives and just by learning and doing public speaking anyone can change their way of life as it helps enabling the power of expressions and sub-conscious mind.

Encouraged by the phenomenal success, Author Sherry started ‘MS Talks’ around 5 years back with like-minded and equally passionate people joined hands, as a vehicle to bring on board ‘real people’ from various walks of life and share their real stories, real experience and give platform for public speaking to various speakers. The mission objective naturally turned out to be – ‘Inspiration from Anywhere’. It went on to organize – public speaking events, championships, skill-development Workshops and ‘Story -telling Sessions’, throughout the globe and more than 20,000 public speakers across the world with more than 250+ events online and offline. ‘The response and participation has been amazing’ says Author Sherry, its Founder President. MS Talks India, is now not just a name but cult figure. Author Sherry himself has trained more than 15,000 public speakers around the world and has spoken 500+ corporate, international conferences, global events in 10+ countries as a ‘global conference speaker.’

It is a time tested philosophy – ‘anything done consistently, becomes a habit and habits makes a person’. What you believe, you can achieve. A speech is an expression of your belief. MS Talks is here to help people develop the habit of public speaking, remove stage fright, sharing failure and success experience to inspire India. Nothing is as great as accepting oneself. ‘You are the best ‘- MS Talks will make you believe in yourself.

Mark the date in 6th & 7th February 2021, when 30 aspiring and budding storytellers from all over the world will eye for the Digital Storytelling Championship. It is an open championship and anyone willing to show their talent can participate as a Storyteller between 10 to 70 years of age. Just register with a nominal amount and no questions asked, you are in as a participant. The idea behind such a thought is to give platform to all the aspiring Storyteller from any background. The juries are going to be industry experts, International Professional Speaker, International Storyteller, and Authors – Ms.Neerja Singh, Ms.Seema Wahi Mukherjee.

Register yourself for the golden opportunity to stand amongst the best Storyteller. Visit MS Talks website: