Raji v.

(Director, Ascent Academy
and  Dwarka Parichay Panelist)

The clean air, the garbage free surrounding, the neatly maintained public places, tourist spots and monuments…… were they real; Yes, Yes, they were absolutely real. It was all painstakingly done, it did not just happen.
I was in the U.S of A, last month. When I got off the plane and came out of the airport I felt good about being in a clean place. I visited Washington D.C. We went to the ‘Museum of Human Origin, ‘Museum of American History and the ‘Air and Space Museum ‘. The people were well behaved and disciplined. No body littered the place with polythene bags, chips packets or plastic water bottles. There were huge ‘Trash Cans for bio- degradable and non biodegradable waste every 200 meters. Even kids were never found relieving themselves in open areas!

New Jersey , Maryland, Atlanatic City, Washington D.C., Orlando or Pennsilvania were the places I visited in a month. I could not see any stretch of bare land. I was told that the authorities immediately covered any bare land with grass. They planted grass beds and it was covered with a net that mixed with the mud after some time This prevents the dust from flying. The green cover they maintain was amazing.

I found one stark difference in the attitude of the people. People took their personal responsibility more seriously. Even sorting out the garbage was done at everyone`s home itself. We can continue to give excuses for not doing something as small as trying to avoid littering public places or refusing polythene bags when we go to buy vegetables or even avoiding spitting out of the cars.

In the name of religion and charity let us not litter our surroundings. When, we distribute `cold sweetened water` at crossings, let us ensure that the plastic glasses are collected in a `trash can` and disposed properly. On the 25th of June while I was driving past ‘Sri Ganesh’ Apartments’ and ‘Happy Home’ Apartments, I was appalled to see the plastic glasses flying all along the road. I sure felt sad.

Let us ‘Go Green’

My friends this is a call from one Indian to all the Dwarkaites,young and old, please take pride in what our country stood for earlier. Let us all strive to keep our environment clean. Together we can and we will. Let us try and restore the green cover. Let us, make ‘Dwarka’ a model town ship.

Individual Actions Do Matter!!!