New-look portal (Department of Administrative Reforms) requires procedural reforms as well


Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist

Department of Administrative Reforms (Government of India) has given new look to its Public Griviance portal which requires procedural reforms as well apart from extending similar web-portal compulsorily at websites of all public-authorities at centre and states to minimise unnecessary routing of submissions made at to concerned ministries and departments by Department of Administrative Reforms.

It is usual practice that those having posted their submissions at are informed through SMS and e-mail that their submissions are disposed off advising to visit the website for seeing details of disposal. But it is quite often that website does not provide sought details because of some web-error. Department of Administrative Reforms should direct all listed public-authorities to compulsorily send copy of disposal through e-mail provided by those having submitted submissions at the portal. Select-option for subject-matter should also include “Suggestions”.

Usually public-authorities close the matter by revealing that “subject-matter does not relate to the”. System should be compulsory and mandatory transfer of submissions to the related public-authority by the public-authority which finds itself as unrelated public-authority exactly in the manner transfer-provision exists under section 6(3) of ‘Right-To-Information’ (RTI) Act. Also more and more public-authorities should be given as select-option at It is regretting that public-authorities are getting themselves de-listed from the portal like was done by Union Cabinet Secretariat. In the meanwhile restriction to post more than on submission at a time should be removed from the portal. Restriction on submissions with some special characters should be abolished. All suggested measures should be done for submissions posted at President’s Helpline as well.