In India, about 1.4 lakh persons are killed in road crashes every year, while many more get injured and disabled for life. Youth in the age group of 15 to 24 years comprise 33% of the total fatalities. NK Bagrodia Public School during the Road Safety Day created awareness about various causes of road accidents and measures to prevent them. These were highlighted by organizing various activities with students, drivers and all other road users. The students of different classes and levels participated in various activities like collage making on traffic signs and symbols, role play, power point presentation on traffic rules and regulations, article writing on pros and cons of fines imposed on breaking traffic rules. This enables the participants to know about the road safety rules and regulations. All the participants were enthusiastic while doing various activities. Road Safety Day was celebrated with a great belief that not only social inclusiveness will be the corporate mantra for going ahead, but as a responsible member, we have always incorporated sensitivity towards social aspects in all our activities. NKBPS aims to change the outlook of the young generation. It strives to increase environmental awareness and initiate improvement drives to help its students, staff and faculty members.

The main objectives of NKBPS to drive this initiative were

* To promote and initiate the road safety measures in the community, school, colleges, work places on roads
* To decrease the number of road accidents and injury cases by applying the road safety measures
* To encourage all the travellers to follow the traffic rules and wear helmets and wear the seat belts while driving
* To make the people aware about the speed limit of the vehicles to prevent road accidents
* To encourage all the citizens to donate blood which is needed at the time of road accidents.
* To reduce noise pollution and air pollution to a minimal level
* Discipline movement of traffic on the road