Purvanchal Janta Party ( Secular ) appointed Mr. Satendra Narayan Singh as the President of Delhi State

(Dwarka Parichay News Desk)

Today the National and State Executives of Purvanchal Janta Party ( Secular ) hold an Press Conference at Party’s Head Office , Sector – 4, Dwarka, New Delhi to inform and brief the media about the newly appointed Delhi State President Mr. Satendra Narayan Singh who resigned from the post of Vice President of Delhi Pradesh Purvanchal Congress Committee , Delhi and about the preparation for forthcoming Assembly Election of Delhi.

The chief speaker in the Press Conference was the party’s National President Shri Mukesh Singh who address the Media. At First Mr. Singh congratulated Mr. Satendra Narayan Singh who joined the Purvanchal Janta Party ( Secular ) along with his thousands of supporters. Mr. Singh told that to run the Delhi Government is not a Puppet show as present government is running. Delhi is a Mini India we have to take care of everything very minutely. Mr. Singh has informed that his party is going to field its candidates from about all 70 Assembly Constituencies of Delhi. Since the party believes in the ideology of Shri Subhash Chandra Bose who had been anointed as the Prophet of Freedom and National Courage in a public assembly called by the party at Ramlila Ground, in New Delhi on 5th March 2017. 

Party believes in an egalitarian society, thus promoting National Brotherhood among the Citizens across the Caste , Creed , Region and Languages . speaking from the dais Mr. Singh also emphasized the fair electoral participation of the masses in order to strengthen the participatory democracy in the Country. Party believes that quality education is a panacea for all the ills which the nation is facing now a days. The education system prevalent in our country is not up to the mark, that is why , voters are prone to the gimmicks of the politicians. People are divided on caste lines , polarized on religion line. Our party’s chief motto is to bring the people at a common platform so they will play as an instrument of change, which is the need of the hour. That is why we see our party as an best alternative in the Indian Politics. Mr. Singh given a slogan ” Corruption Free Election can Make Corruption Free India”.

The National General Secretary Mrs. Indrani Guha congratulated Mr. Satendra Narayan Singh to taking charge of Delhi as a State President and she told that Mr. S N Singh is an Former Soldier of Indian Army I believe he will make an history in Delhi Politics under his leadership. she has expressed her deep concern about the political situations in India. She profusely thanks the daredevil axe of Indian forces and assures the nation that security of the country is in the hands of one of the finest armies of the world, i.e. Indian Army. She also advised the countrymen not to be swayed away by any rumor, which is detrimental to the unity and integrity of the nation. She further expressed her confidance that her party will perform very well in Delhi Assembly Election. 

On this occasion, the Delhi State President of the party Mr. Satendra Narayan Singh also addressed the Media. He expressed his unhappiness over the functioning of present establishment in Delhi, according to his views present government of AAP is fail to run his government in delhi. The Arvind Kejriwal is one of the worst Chief Minister of Delhi. He wasted his entire time just in the allegation war and unwanted dialogues. We Purvanchali’s making the government from our vote and support now its time we Purvanchali’s will make our own government of Purvanchal Janta Party ( Secular ) as we know the solution of every problem.

At this press conference 
At last the Mr. Bipin Kumar Jha ( Organizing Secretary of Delhi ) extended the vote of thanks to all Media personnel and the party workers who were present in the press conference.

(Received the News Via official email from Mrs. Pampa Biswas Office Secy.of the party)