O GOD allot me my flat

Justice DELAYED is Justice …

I also heard this. RCS has cleared this society……………its a society of VIP………….we are common people. – Devika Bhat

Is it true that Jawaharlal co-operative society has been cleared by
RCS???? – Joshi

May I know the reason of non-allotment of flats even after High Court judgment ? What will RCS do now ? Why he is not alloting flats ? If Societies are not submitting papers, then as a regulatory authority what is his next course of action ? One thing is very clear, Intension of government is wrong. They are committed not to allot flats to us. Only Apex court can save us from wrongdoing of RCS. They have invited objections for 37 societies for last three months in their website. Again we should take help of electronic and print media to expose intension of RCS and so called amnesty of Delhi government. – K.S.Rawat

Is there anyone belongs to L&T Flats, Sector18-B? – Anup Mahajan

Can anyone update all of us on the ETA of when the CBI will be able to finish its inquiry and hopefully clear the societies for allotment ? I have a flat booked in Prem Milan Society – do any of the members here are from the same society? – Rajan

Would you mind sharing “essence of Hon’l Supreme Court’s order on 1.05.2008”. Else could you please refer me to any link where I can read about it. – Viv

hello all….5 weeks have passed and the 6th week is about to end and there is no effort from the RCS yet for allotment…does anyone have any idea that what is going to happen after the completition of 6th week which gets over on the following tusday… Nishant Bahal

There is no news except Supreme court judgment in favor of Asha Deep in which again 6 week time is given for allotment. – Vijay

Good new is that RCS officials are getting promotions.. I am sorry to state..people lost interest in fighting their own case.. only few have worry.. I get some time msg… one like what is status.. …am i going to get my flat.. it seems he/she is not much concern. I am disappointed our people are not fighting enough. Sorry for my comments. if hurts . – Rejimon

No news till now… it all govt tricks to escalate the problems and harassment to needed persons since the huge % of members are may be investor or speculator. They might be waiting for further increase etc… – Rattan

Since I have been closely associated in this fight being the counsel of many affected parties and by virtue of this I know indepth. I fully agree with Mr. Rejimon’s comment. I am sorry………..but truth is truth. I think here those who claim to take cause of suffering members are more worried about their own selfish end and keep finghting within to serve their personal ego. This energy should have been diverted towards fighting against the erring RCS and the currupt government but alaaaaaasssssssssssshhhhhhhh……….. I am sorry this is truth. – Ashok Chaitanya

Agreed. But we should always remember that justice delayed, justice denied. We have lost faith in Government and Government officials. If Government fails to allotment by 16/05/2008, then we should plan draw of our flats by our own after informing High Court. Management of societies to take this bold action for the benefit of their members. – K.S.Rawat

We should keep kaith in judiciary.only they can save us from crocodiles.
like the case of Dr. venugopal of AIIMS. – Deepak Sharma

We should go ahead with draw of our flats by Management
committee .We should also invite press to show that no body is serious
abt pain of society member. – Sukhraj

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