B.J.P. will win Delhi Election-Tanwar

Karan Singh Tanwar-M.L.A. from Delhi Cantt. Recently he Spoke to S.S.Dogra, Managing editor Dwarka Parichay & Ajay Kaushik, Bureau Chief and shared lot of ideas about coming election. Excerpts:

Personal Opinion
Bhartiya Janta Party will win out-rightly in Delhi election on 29th Nov.,2008. It’s my personal and public view. Because the residents of Delhi are fade up with the congress party.

I have been associated with this party since my college days. I was president of my college (presently Moti Lal College, University of Delhi).

Turning Point
When I was sent into jail for agitation in 1979, I got lot of popularity for sacrifice & devotion towards my party. This was the turning point in my political career.

I’m able to create very good reputation among top leaders of B.J.P. like former P.M. Sh.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sh.Rajnath Singh, Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Late Sh.Sahib Singh Verma, Arun Jaitly etc. This is all due to my sincere work, dedication and honesty

Public Image
I am always ready to work for the welfare of the people. Moreover, development of my area itself is an example and speaks. I do respect each and Every one of my constituency & Work whole heartedly for the all round development of my working area.

Major Problems:
Delhi Cantt. Is suffering from water crises, street-lights, institutions & recognition of Civil land.

Top Priority:

I’m sure, I’ll win the election this time also. I’ll give the priority to provide proper supply of water & electricity. Construction of inner and outer roads, community halls, sanitation, medical aids, educational institutes etc.

I’m a devoted worker and doing excellently that’s why I’m expecting to get good position in the ministry of Delhi Government.

Public Support:
I’m lucky enough to have full Support from every one in my constituency. They are fully supporting me and I’m sure their Good wishes will bring victory.