M.K. Gupta

There is an acute shortage of space at the metro Station 21 and the representatives of DMRC, Parking Contractor and Dwarka Forum made a round of the parking area on 26.11.2011 and found many discrepancies. After taking a round, meeting was held with Mr. Rode, DGM, Civil, Vishnu Das, Vipin Jain of DMRC, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Pawan Saini of Parking Contractor on the one hand and Mr. Rejimon CK, Sushil Kumar, Sudha Aiyar, Suneel Sarin on the other hand. In the meeting, DMRC informed that an additional area of 650 sq. ft. will be ready by Monday, i.e. 28th Nov. But the Dwarka Forum felt that this space will not be enough to cater the need of the commuters and drawn the attention of the officials that on working days, commuters are compelled to park their cars by even making three lanes on the service road outside the parking space. Ayush Services and Consultancy, Parking Contractor said that they do not have any demarcation for cars and bikes/ scooters and the space for them is provided on first come first serve basis for all the vehicles. Dwarka Forum representatives said that the vehicles are parked haphazardly and more space may be made available if the vehicles are parked systematically and for this, the contractor should have more attendants. The contractor also informed that they charge for the vehicle parked in the service lane to which the DMRCofficial caution them that stiff penalty will be imposed against such charges in future, instructed the contractor to streamline parking and instructed for the demarcation for cars and bikes – in the next few days. In the next 10 days, one lane will be made available for the fire tender and DMRC is working on this. Parking contractor also agreed to have more attendants so that vehicle are parked systematically.

On the area available on the plot next to Metro Station which belongs to Northern Railway, the DMRCstated that it cannot touch or enter that area. On this, Dwarka Forum assured that it will take up this issue with Northern Railway as the problem is quite acute and the available land could be leveled and used as parking. DF said that while govt. wants to increase of public transport, the shortage of parking space is a hitch in the govt. planning. DF representatives also noted garbage outside the station which may have been put up by the station Safai staff.

Dwarka Forum also showed its concern on the lack of CCTV Cameras outside the station and not even at the entrance of the Metro Station as it is a huge security threat for the whole station close to the domestic and international airport. Forum also expressed concerned over lack of monitoring or checking the vehicles outside the station. Rejimon, President, DF said that it is imperative that the parking issue should be taken very seriously, rather-than a aftermath. He also stressed the need of the start of multilevel parking which is still in the drawing board stage to be executed urgently. He said that Dwarka is only 30% populated right now and in future the problem may be aggravated and the forum is willing to co-operate and find a solution to the problem.