Workshop by Learning link foundation held in Shiksha Bharati Public School

Mrs. Rupa Bhattacharya conducted the workshop on 28th June for the teachers of Shiksha Bharati Public School, Sector7, Dwarka. Respected Principal Madam welcomed Mrs. Bhattacharya . The workshop went on by 2.00 pm from 8.45 am. The workshop was activity based, several activities were held in which teachers took interest. These activities include:

Understanding the principles of NCF
Moving from teaching to facilitation
Classroom Management, Learning Styles &
Closure and feedback

This workshop was conducted very nicely. It proved to be eye opener for the teachers. It enabled them to cope up more effectively in the classroom. It will definitely stop the truancy and will make the topics more interesting involving all the students of the class. On a whole, the workshop was very fruitful. Vice-Principal Madam finally proposed a vote of thanks.